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Save the Children pulls an Amazon with Dash-like button to collect donations

Save the Children knows that donating money isn't as alluring as online shopping. So the UK-based children's charity is taking a page from Amazon and using the online shopping company's Dash button concept to make giving donations as easy as, well, pushing a button. Teaming up with marketing incubator Iris Nursery, the charity is making its own button similar to the Domino's pizza "easy order" button from 2015. Except instead of conjuring pizza, pushing the "Give" button will send money to the organization. SEE ALSO: Hacked Amazon Dash Button sends $5 to the ACLU whenever life demands it The company said that collecting direct donation payments online through its website isn't as engaging for young givers. Read more...More about Advertising, Amazon, Donations, Save The Children, and Amazon Dash

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Special K tries so, so hard to be feminist, fails miserably

[youtube] Forget starving yourself. Eating food is 2017's hottest new feminist fad. At least according to Special K, whose latest campaign, "Own it," tries so, so hard to make a bold political statement: that women like to eat.  Maybe it's just me, but I always thought that women had to eat to survive. Huh.  Either way, it appears the Special K took their cue from a decade of tampon commercials where women show that they can "do it all." That "all" includes: jogging, listening to rap music, more jogging, going to work with a tampon in, and eating diet cereal.   Watch and have a chuckle, all while eating a sensible snack. Read more...More about Watercooler, Ads, Cereal, Watercooler, and Advertising

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