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Entrepreneurship: Is It a Toy? Is It Art? Everyone Agrees It’s a Collectible

Consumer demand for so-called designer toys has helped invigorate sales in the overall toy industry.

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Dallas bookstore is selling the world on classic novels with clickbait headlines

Not everyone will pick up a book, but everyone will click on an internet headline they find interesting. "British guy dies after selfie gone wrong"? Of course we would click. We need to make sure to not repeat that poor guy's mistake. "German doctor becomes first to perform full body transplant"? What does full body transplant even mean? Click. SEE ALSO: 11 year-old started a book club for boys to improve literacy All of these headlines were written by The Wild Detectives, but they are not a fresh digital news source you should be bookmarking. They are, actually, a bookstore. Last fall, the bookstore started an ingenious internet campaign to interest as many people as possible in classic literary novels by using "litbait." They crafted intriguing clickbait headlines that, when clicked, would bring you to the entire text of the novel. Read more...More about Medium, Facebook, Clickbait, Bookstores, and Conversations

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