Did Riverdale just unmask its Black Hood?

Riverdale says goodbye to 2017 with a holiday-themed episode that puts the focus on family bonds, and answers the season’s biggest question—or does it? Read more…

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Kumbe anapesa hivi! Revealed: What properties is Anyang Nyong’o fighting for with his cousins?

Anyang Nyong’o has been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his kith and kin. Inheritance and succession battles are the things that split up families right down the middle. And…

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The tragedy of Keaton Jones, 2017’s Milkshake Duck of the year

Nothing on the internet remains wholesome for long, and Keaton Jones’ story is no exception. This week a video of the Tennessee boy describing his school bullies went viral, prompting an…

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This trailer re-imagines ‘Star Wars’ with a green-skinned Han Solo and a female lead

In a parallel universe, in a galaxy far, far away, Han Solo is green-skinned with gills, Stormtroopers brand lightsabers, and the main character is a heroic young girl named Luka…

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The best film scenes of 2017

Ryan Gosling slugging it out with Harrison Ford in a ballroom of holograms. Saoirse Ronan defiantly rolling out of a moving vehicle. Soldiers sitting like ducks on a beach as…

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Shipwrecked souls: Behind the scenes of Outlander’s Season 3 finale

It’s a crisp June morning on Silverstroom Beach, a secluded bay located on the western cape of South Africa. The normally pristine stretch of soft white sand is littered with…

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Aiiiiiii! Man in Kileleshwa divorces his 2 month Kisii wife when he sees her without make-up for the first time

Many women love their makeup. Walking out the door without a dash of make-up for them is an anathema. They consider it a gross violation of the how they are…

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Selena Gomez had a very sweet Instagram message for Taylor Swift’s birthday

Friends send friends messages on Instagram for their birthdays. That’s just, like, the law. SEE ALSO: Taylor Swift reinvents herself (again) for her first Vogue cover of the Reputation era…

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Kim Kardashian Trying To Score Meghan Markle Wedding Invite With Diamond Gift?

(Getty Images) Kim Kardashian is not trying to become friends with Meghan Markle in an effort to score an invite to her wedding to Prince Harry, despite a fabricated report…

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Morgan Spurlock says he’s ‘part of the problem,’ admits sexual misconduct

Morgan Spurlock admits to being part of the problem.  SEE ALSO: Director Bryan Singer sued for alleged sexual assault of 17-year-old In a long tweet, the Super Size Me filmmaker…

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