What The Controversial Return of Mega Evolution Means For Competitive Pokémon

Earlier this month, The Pokémon Company International announced the rules for the next Video Game Championship Series format, bringing the controversial mega evolution and a much wider selection of Pokémon…

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Your Semi-Regular Reminder That Mike Pence Is Fucking Scary 

When a miserable, dihydroxyacetone-stained businessman sits in the Oval Office, it’s easy to tell yourself that his hypothetical untimely exit would be a net positive. Unfortunately, the incomparable Jane Mayer has…

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After Nearly 2 Weeks, Trump Still Hasn’t Reached Out to Dead Soldiers’ Families

It’s been nearly two weeks since a deadly ambush in Niger claimed the lives for four American soldiers, and President Donald Trump has finally acknowledged the attack at a press…

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Puerto Rican Overwatch Player Isn’t Letting Hurricane Irma Derail His Career

It was the day after hurricane Irma had hit Puerto Rico, and Luis Galarza Figueroa was left without options. Walking outside of his family’s home in Barceloneta after the storm…

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Sorry, But We May Never Find Out How the Wife Died on Kevin Can Wait

It’s tragic enough that the wife on Kevin Can Wait had to meet her demise on uncertain terms so that Kevin James could be reunited with his King of Queens…

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Former DEA Agent Says Trump’s Drug Czar Pick Helped to Fuel the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

Welcome to Bizarro World. Read more…

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Norfolk State University: Sugar Shack Supreme

They looked like a masterpiece. Their black bodies, winding and grinding, arms stretched out for freedom, their eyes closed as they were caught in a dance of pleasure and pain,…

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PSA: 8Bitdo’s Wireless SNES Receiver Comes Out Next Week For Only $13

If you’re lucky enough to own an SNES Classic, you know that it’s perfect save for two things: The lack of additional Donkey Kong Country games, and the short controller…

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Puerto Rico Is Facing One of the Worst Environmental Disasters in U.S. History

Nearly one month after Hurricane Maria swept across Puerto Rico, experts and officials tasked with the island’s recovery efforts worry that the environmental impact of the storm could be unprecedented…

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Trump, McConnell show Republican unity at White House

WASHINGTON, Oct 16 (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell tried to move past the tensions that followed the collapse of the healthcare reform effort…

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