Kumbe anapesa hivi! Revealed: What properties is Anyang Nyong’o fighting for with his cousins?

Anyang Nyong’o has been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his kith and kin. Inheritance and succession battles are the things that split up families right down the middle. And…

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McDonald’s makes the McVegan burger a permanent fixture on 2 countries’ menus

McDonald’s isn’t exactly number one on the list of vegan-friendly eateries. But, for vegans in Sweden and Finland, McDonald’s just got a hell of a lot friendlier.  SEE ALSO: McDonald’s…

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The tragedy of Keaton Jones, 2017’s Milkshake Duck of the year

Nothing on the internet remains wholesome for long, and Keaton Jones’ story is no exception. This week a video of the Tennessee boy describing his school bullies went viral, prompting an…

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BioLite’s Phone-Charging, Wood-Burning CampStove 2 Is Under $100 For the First Time

When society collapses and the power grid fails, you’ll always be able to keep your phone charged with twigs and branches if you buy BioLite’s CampStove 2 for 25% off…

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Kenyan police accused of rape in election violence: HRW

Most women also said they had not received post-rape medical or psychological care, including medication to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy/FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 14…

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Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox’s film and TV studios in a landmark deal

Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox’s film and TV studios in a landmark deal worth over $52 billion dollars. The arrangement covers the movie studio 20th Century Fox, the company’s…

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An airplane drew a Christmas tree on a flight tracker because why not

How far would you go for a Christmas gif? SEE ALSO: Budweiser is one step closer to developing beer on Mars Airbus A380 — the world’s largest passenger plane —…

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YouTuber addresses cultural stereotypes about interracial relationships

Making videos on the internet comes hand in hand with receiving mean and abusive comments. And, sometimes these comments can be extremely personal.  But, YouTuber Natalie Tran was not prepared…

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Aiiiiiii! Man in Kileleshwa divorces his 2 month Kisii wife when he sees her without make-up for the first time

Many women love their makeup. Walking out the door without a dash of make-up for them is an anathema. They consider it a gross violation of the how they are…

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Company’s Christmas competition results in very awkward Instagram hashtag fail

When you’re running an Instagram competition, it’s important to get your hashtag game on point. You want something snappy, something catchy — maybe something with a bit of alliteration. Something…

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