Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Walking Dead Finale, Shall We?

Well, it was a mid-season finale. The Walking Dead likes to save its major events for premieres and finales. So although we knew the Negan/Rick conflict wasn’t even close to…

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DIY Bed Bug Treatment Attempt Accidentally Results in Massive Fire

Bed bugs—the blood-sucking, chitinous nightmares which serve as the clearest proof that if there is a divine creator behind the universe, it hates us—were once nearly eradicated from the U.S….

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Australia Hits Worst Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Record

Australia’s finally done it! A new NDEVR Environmental analysis shows Australia has never been emitting more greenhouse gas when unreliable estimates for land use-related emissions are excluded, the Guardian reported…

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Connected safe maker Vaultek issues security update after researchers discover Bluetooth vulnerability

Vaultek is a company that manufactures Bluetooth-connected safes for valuables and firearms — things that you really want to make sure are secured. When we came across one of their…

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The First Look at the Sense8 Finale Special Is As Heartwarming As You’d Expect

Sense8 is a special show, dedicated in a way almost no other modern television series has been to the inter-connectivity shared between people across countless differences. It has always had,…

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Watch Colin Furze build a life-size TIE Silencer from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Over the years, British inventor and YouTube vlogger Colin Furze has built a variety of madcap inventions, ranging from a microwave you can play a video game on, a working…

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Here’s An Exclusive Look at the Psychedelic Apocalypse of New Image Series Prism Stalker

Vep is a refugee in a terrible insect-driven colony, forced into servitude in a horrific alien landscape. In Prism Stalker, she’ll discover more about that awful world. And we’ll see…

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The OnePlus 5T is unable to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video in HD

The OnePlus 5T is unable to stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, and other video services in high-definition, despite its HD-capable display and powerful hardware. The deficiency…

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Lumoid, Best Buy’s Supposed Gear Rental Partner, Shuts Down

Lumoid, a four-year-old San Francisco startup which was reportedly partnering with Best Buy to offer try-before-you-buy rental services on products like cameras, audio gear, and fitness trackers, has gone out…

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Ernie Cline is writing a sequel to Ready Player One

Ernie Cline’s 2011 debut novel Ready Player One is being made into a blockbuster movie thanks to Steven Spielberg, but it looks like Cline might be bringing readers back to…

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