We asked a mortician: Do you really poop when you die?

Founded in 2011 by mortician Caitlin Doughty, The Order Of The Good Death aims to “bring discussions of mortality back into the public sphere,” whether that means helping people confront…

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Tim Meadows says being in Mean Girls is kind of like being in a Christmas movie

With endlessly quotable lines, and a number of spiritual descendants, Mean Girls has had a significant cultural impact since its release. That’s thanks in large part to the core cast, and…

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How Our Bodies Sense the World is Misunderstood

Perhaps one of the first things you learned in kindergarten was that you had five senses: sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch. But the actual number is probably way more…

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Scott Aukerman on taking Comedy Bang! Bang! from podcast to TV

Comedy Bang! Bang! is among the biggest comedy podcasts of the past decade, and one in a slew of podcasts to get translated to TV, with 110 episodes of the…

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We Made The Developer Of Getting Over It Play His Own Infuriating Game

My longtime friend Bennett Foddy released his latest game, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, on Steam on Friday, December 6th. On that very same day, we had him come…

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Is Phantom Thread a fitting farewell for Daniel Day-Lewis?

A.V. Club film editor A.A. Dowd and staff critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky are back with another edition of Film Club discussing the second collaboration between Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis,…

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Is Pretty Darn Different In Japanese

I played a lot Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before its release. I had to wait until after its release to download the Japanese voiceover DLC. Using the in-game cutscene viewer, I…

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Tim Meadows on parodying typical “straight man” characters

Some of Tim Meadows’ best comedic performances are parodies of archetypal characters. Ron Duvall in Mean Girls is a jaded high school principal who’s desperately in love with Tina Fey’s character,…

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Paul Scheer loves the “Hai, doggie” scene from The Room

The past few years have seen Tommy Wiseau’s opus, The Room, discover unexpected relevancy, culminating in this year’s The Disaster Artist, the film adaptation of Greg Sestero’s memoir about the…

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The hosts of Doughboys pick their 5 favorite fast food sauces

On the Feral podcast Doughboys, Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review chain restaurants across the country. The A.V. Club sat down with the pair at this year’s Now Hear This…

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