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DON'T Use These Beauty Products When It's Cold Outside

Technically, the first day of spring was on March 20th, but that hasn't stopped temps from dropping to inappropriately chilly lows here in New York City. That means that sleeves are still long, facial moisturizers are still thick, and body creams are heavier than ever.The same approach applies to hair, too. Skin care isn't the only thing that changes in colder weather. You also need to pay more attention to your strands — especially if they're natural — in order to avoid damaging them from dryness. And, surprisingly, some of the products you love year-round are the same ones you need to toss when the temperatures drop.We talked to hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood (who works with Issa Rae, Ava Duvenay, Yvonne Orji, and more) for her top tips to protect you and your hair from the elements. Scroll ahead and get ready to spring clean your beauty cabinet early."Wash-and-gos in the wintertime aren't going to feel the best, unless you have time to diffuse your hair before leaving the house," Leatherwood says. If you're looking for something with minimal effort, try out a protective style, like braids or twists. You won't have to lift a finger for a few weeks, and you're giving your real hair a chance to grow.Coconut oil is known as a curly girl savior... but not when temps drop, sorry! "When it's cold, it gets very solid," Leatherwood says. "Nobody has time to melt it down and put it on their hair everyday for moisture. In the summer, it'll totally liquify. Not in the winter."Even if you diffuse it with water, or heat it at a certain level, you can still get that unpleasant crunch (and flake) on your mane. And when it hardens in the cold, it also hardens your hair. Some women with natural hair have complained that the miracle balm has even caused breakage and dry scalp.Also, maybe don't use it in the tub..."Gel in the winter? Good luck with that!" Leatherwood laughs. "There are a few things that happen. It's really cold, for one, and gels can dry your hair out. There's very low humidity to help infuse moisture in your hair when it's cold outside."Even liquid leave-in conditioners can dry your hair out, especially if you need to leave your house after you wash. "Your best bet is going to be creams, butters, and hairstyles that you don't have to wet your hair for," Leatherwood advises.In the fall and winter and even on the chillier days of spring, you've got to bundle up in a scarf so you won't catch a cold ( anddd I'm turning into my mom). But those scarves and high-neck jackets are slowly killing the hairs in the back of your head."You're going to need a trim because all of those pull on the hair, especially if you're wearing them daily," says Leatherwood. "And with your split ends around the neckline, they tend to tangle up and create a tangle ball. You need some type of cream on the nape of your neck to smooth that part down. When your clothes hit that area, it helps your hair move better than when it's dry there.""You have to pay attention to high alcohol content. Hair sprays and spritzes won't be your friends when you're walking into cold air," she says. "You have a situation where the hair becomes dry and brittle. Oil finishers are great because they give you shine and act like a sealant. When it goes over your cuticle, it locks in the moisture if you have a really great cream-based styling product."Like this post? There's more. Get tons of beauty tips, tutorials, and news on the Refinery29 Beauty Facebook page. Like us on Facebook — we'll see you there!Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?The Detail You Missed In Pantene's Amazing New Hair CommercialThis Artist Creates Masterpieces Using Leftover Hair In The ShowerHow To Abandon Your Flat Iron For Good

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The Internet Is Not Happy About Kylie Jenner's Latest Beauty Launch

Update: In case you blinked, the internet has been buzzing about Kylie Jenner's new blushes like it were 1 am at a club on Saturday. Some can't get behind the scandalous names — "Barely Legal" and "Virginity" are the biggest offenders, according to Twitter — while others are thoroughly jazzed. No matter where you stand on the spectrum, brace yourself for the big drop: They'll be available at 3 pm PST today — so be sure to click here when the big moment comes.This story was originally published on March 22.Better Than Sex mascara. G-Spot blush. Spank Me eyeshadow. Shade names are to beauty products what creepy music is to slasher films: a vehicle that can be used to drive up the shock value. Frankly, whether a pink-speckled nail polish screams "Pussy Galore " to you is irrelevant — the moniker only needs to be marginally related to the item at hand to be hilarious. So can you really blame a brand for giving a seen-it-all-before color a provocative name? Apparently, you can, because the internet is up in arms over Kylie Cosmetics' latest launch.When the company announced yesterday that it would be releasing five matte blushes in a range of colors — from bright fuchsia to ballerina pink — on Friday, the fans lit up. Then, they read the shade names. Then, some got upset. Two in particular caused an uproar: "Barely Legal," a dusty rose, and "Virginity," a deep fuchsia.can kylie jenner not sexualize young women w her blush names like "virginity" and "barely legal" like ........— edamami (@purgatories) March 21, 2017 // I do love @KylieJenner but I do find labeling something"Barely Legal" inappropriate especially when the theme is so sexual.— Farah ☥ (@farahorsomethin) March 21, 2017 // could you call a makeup product 'barely legal' 😶 kylie jenner should be fucking ashamed of herself— Liz Buckley (@MissLizBuckley) March 21, 2017 // @KylieJenner, choose better names for your products. You have 12+ year old fans! "Barely Legal" "Virginity" 🙄— Girl About Toon (@GirlAboutToon_) March 21, 2017 // called them out for crossing the line from sexy to inappropriate, and blamed Jenner for trying to normalize her relationship with Tyga (the two are eight years apart). One Twitter user even went so far as to say, "Kylie Jenner named one of her blushes "barely legal" maybe just to remind everyone?"There's no word yet from Jenner or her brand regarding whether or not there will be an update to the products launching this Friday, but if we had to speculate, we imagine the savvy businesswoman knew exactly what she was doing this go-around. After all, no one (except the POTUS) knows better than the Kardashians that nothing sells quite like a nice mix of sex and controversy.Read these stories next:Science Says This Is A Secret To Clearer SkinYou HAVE To Try These Alternatives To Kylie Jenner's Sold-Out Lip KitsThe Real Reason This Woman Put On A Face Of Makeup While In LaborLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?DON'T Use These Beauty Products When It's Cold OutsideThis Is How E.l.f Became One Of The Most In-Demand — & Affordable — Beauty BrandsHappy National Puppy Day, Here's South Korea's Cutest Dog Tattoo Artist

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