Be Patient


You will observe that patience is one of the hardest things to put into practice. It’s really hard to always be patient in different circumstances and scenarios. You know why? Very simple. There are forces behind the patience that you normally know. There is a force from the enemy side (evil) and there is a HOLY force from the LORD. Then in between the two forces, you are in the middle.

This is where GOD protects you by guiding you on which side to take or which direction to take. Remember, at the end of the day, you are free and independent to choose sides by making a good decision. Your decision will be positively influenced by the HOLY Spirit.

Using the example above, it’s worth noting that if you consistently apply the same teaching in your day to day life, then GOD will help you make good decisions about issues, situations, temptations etc. You gradually become immune to making poor decisions. The HOLY spirit has room in your decision making process and before you know it, you start making divine decisions which even yourself don’t understand how you made them.

The main purpose is to allow your heart (inner & real you) to be FREE and ready to be used as a vessel by the HOLY Spirit. The end RESULT is that; Your heart becomes READY day by day for the COMING of the LORD…


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  1. This is a revelation from above. God bless you sir.

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