Confessing Jesus


Its paramount that your mouth agrees with your heart. This is evident when you agree to something without believing in it. It just becomes empty and meaningless. We should train our mouths to confess what the heart agrees to. It is not the easiest thing or choice to make especially when you are faced with a challenging situation.

That is why our LORD Jesus Christ, emphasizes that we confess what we believe about HIM and agree with our heart too. Otherwise, what we say remains idle, meaningless and harmful to us. Remember that the enemy (satan) and his demons are always watching and listening to what you have to say about our Master Jesus Christ. He is termed as the “tempter” and whosoever is not careful with what he or she says or confesses, then he takes the advantage of using your words against you in a legal spiritual suit. In short, he waits to take you to spiritual courts every hour and every minute. His demonic plans to win punishment or sentence for you end when you truly confess your heart through your mouth.

With your consistent believe and confession, you gradually add your status of righteous day by day. The main aim here is being saved and living a positive life bearing a righteous attribute. For our GOD is Good all the time.

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