Keeping Quiet


Today I thought of teaching you about one of my favorite principals. I love it that what God says about perseverance actually works perfectly to anyone who practices it. While working and walking  with the LORD, you will notice that you are under constant bombardment from different quarters. Intimidation through slanderous remarks only serve to strengthen your relationship with the LORD who is your King.

Remember that you are not the LORD and thus don’t always react to the intimidation. Hold your reaction steady  and remember you are not made to displease the LORD. Remember that He who does that to you does to the LORD. So, use this simple principal to help you absorb the temptation. Remember that your reaction will definitely affect your next move and the future too. One thing we learn from this topic is that in the course of these troubles, you will be intimidated a lot, but take heart, “The LORD has already overcome… His GRACE is SUFFICIENT for your situation.”

This however doesn’t mean that the people intimidating you are necessarily right in what they are doing, but you need to stand out from the common noise and prove your son-ship to our LORD. This way, the guilt is transferred automatically from your conscience  and leans back to the person who made the noise to you.

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Have a Blessed Day


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  1. Good one sir. It’s the only sure thing to do.

    1. Be Blessed

      1. I’ve liked the experience and for that I thank God for your life bro. May you remain a pace setter in Jesus name.

  2. The truth. Sure walking with the LORD is a life long process..Opposition will be therein..Very inspiring.Pleasure to hear from man of GOD.

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