Our History- 2003- Establishment and the beginning of the road



One man was faced with a Vision which was great. In this year, Alfred Wangai Mundia who was working as a Creative Designer decided to make one of the hardest choices in his life. It was time to actually actualize his great vision. A Vision to Awaken Africa. Finally after the hard but smart choice was made. He decided to follow his heart and follow his Vision. He passed through extremely tasking times. Lack was eminent and consistent. But one thing was sure, God was with him. The situation was not meant to destroy him but to build him and promote him. After vigorous struggling and constant failures in his endeavor, a Vision was slowly taking shape. What he did not know is that his Vision was in line with Awakening Africa and it slowly took shape and the company thus the Empire was born. “A True Vision from GOD”

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