VIPortal was born – 2013


Finally after the struggle, a bright future was born. After crawling for few months, VIPortal was formulated and started humbly as a small shop in Limuru- Kenya on May 1st 2013 (Labour Day- a holiday in Kenya) This marked the start of employment opportunities in Kenya. , VIP Portal Ltd was incorporated in August 2013. Then the company started gaining mileage and in November 2013, VIP Portal INC was incorporated as an International Corporation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This gave way to operate without boundaries and serve globally. The company was determined to forge a way forward in Market Making of Online Forex Trading in East and Central African region. The region including Kenya did not have any form of regulations or guidelines in the industry. It was crucial to welcome the industry and serve the region no matter the situation. The company formed its own Online Forex traders, the First official Forex Curriculum in Kenya (first in the region) and a Forex Training School (first in the region) to train them. It also formed a Forex Trading SACCO (first in the region) to encourage its traders to utilize easy and affordable services. This was necessary but it was welcomed with deafening resistance from all quarters.

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