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There’s evidence that Doomfist may be coming to ‘Overwatch’ in August

Doomfist appears to be coming to Overwatch this August, according to files in the game's latest public test region update that refers to the update as "Doomfist/Summer Games." Over the weekend, players on the Overwatch PTR noticed that the game's crash logs referred to the upcoming update 1.13 as Doomfist/Summer Games, pointing at the return of the Summer Games event and the potential reveal of Doomfist, a mysterious, gauntlet-wielding character in the Overwatch universe. Reddit user Cam3Ran collected examples of the reference from several different players. SEE ALSO: All 165 of the best 'Overwatch' skins, ranked Read more...More about Gaming, Esports, Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, and Doomfist

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