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Dude bails on friend’s wedding to win at ‘Overwatch,’ makes it back in time for cake

You have an important Overwatch match coming up, but it's scheduled during your friend's wedding. What do you do? Professional Overwatch player Joonas "Zappis" Alakurtti and his teammates had their first match in the Overwatch Contenders league this past weekend. Only problem? It was happening on the same day as Alakurtti's friend's wedding.  Instead of missing out on either event, though, Alakurtti pulled a Bend it like Beckham and left in the middle of the wedding to play, returning a few hours later with a glow of victory. SEE ALSO: 'Overwatch' pro goes on racist tirade on stream, destroys his own career Read more...More about Gaming, Wedding, Esports, Overwatch, and Blizzard Entertainment

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To pee or not to pee: The great bathroom debate in esports right now

Within the past week, two League of Legends matches have been interrupted by bathroom breaks, and fans are torn about whether this should be allowed. Redditor Sticky_Chicken pointed out the recent pauses in League of Legends matches, alleging that players are abusing the ability to pause the game for "bathroom breaks," giving them time to collect themselves and potentially disrupt opponents' momentum.  SEE ALSO: 'League of Legends' pro blames bad performance on ... something sexual In one day, the post incited over 1,500 comments. Some fans say players should be able to take bathroom breaks when they need to. Others say it messes with the flow of a match, and that pauses should only be reserved for serious problems like game bugs or technical issues. Read more...More about Gaming, Esports, Bathroom, League Of Legends, and Riot Games

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‘Overwatch’ embarks into the Outback with new Junkertown map

[youtube] The next Overwatch map sends players into the war-torn Australian Outback, the home of Junkrat and Roadhog.  Junkertown is an escort map like Dorado, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, and Route 66, and it looks like a dusty hellhole made perfectly for Junkrat's frag launcher (and maybe even some sniper characters). The story behind the map and the payload is in this new short starring Junkrat and Roadhog, where they bring a payload loaded up with loot to the base of the Queen — the leader of a band of outlaws — with the intention of blowing it up. The release date for the map has not been announced yet.  Read more...More about Gaming, Esports, Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment, and Junkertown

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How ‘Sonic 2’ speedrunners turned ‘gotta go fast’ into an art form

[youtube] The Sonic the Hedgehog series is all about going fast, so it's no surprise that 1992's Sonic 2 has fostered such an intense speedrunning community. Speedrunning historian and YouTuber Summoning Salt dug into the history of Sonic 2 speedrunning, documenting how players approached the Sega Genesis game over the years (sometimes breaking it entirely) to get the fastest times possible. The 25-year-old game is still relatively active in the speedrunning community, with the latest world record of 14:58 being reached by runner Mike89 just two months ago. Read more... More about Gaming, Esports, Sega, Speedrunning, and Sonic The Hedgehog

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The heroes of ‘Overwatch’ face off in a legendary rap battle

[youtube] The Overwatch fan community always finds a way to outdo itself. Wow, this video. YouTuber ThatPunchKid assembled this epic "Legendary Rap Battles of Overwatch" short using a mix of hand-made animations (that really look like they could have come from Blizzard), hip-hop beats, and voice lines from the game itself. The finished work is astonishingly good. There's nothing more to say. Watch this thing and be amazed. And get hype for the next one, because ThatPunchKid promises more to come. Read more... More about Entertainment, Gaming, Esports, Overwatch, and Blizzard Entertainment

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