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You Could Live In The Great Gatsby Mansion (For A Cool $85 Million)

You read the book in ninth grade and obsessed about the movie in 2013. Now someone could actually own The Great Gatsby mansion — which means party invites aren't out of the question.The Long Island castle — it's a real castle, guys — that inspired the Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan remake's epic set is now for sale for a cool $85 million. We're hoping some millionaire will snap it up soon, and have the mind to throw lavish weekly parties with Champagne towers and fountain-swimming of their own. It's about time for a roaring-'20s revival, after all.A brilliant find by Trulia, the 14,551-square-foot, 18-bedroom estate is located on 7.7 acres of land on Long Island's Kings Point. Built in 1928, the colonial-style mansion sits in the center of Nassau County village, with New York City just across the water.The property has pretty much anything you need for that 1920s party vibe: an outdoor pool with a slide and swim-up bars, a tennis court, gardens and koi ponds, a lazy river... Inside, there's a hair salon, a wine-tasting room, and a full cellar. There are even two separate guest homes with indoor pools, a bowling alley, a casino, and a shooting range. Plus, the two-level garage has enough space for nine cars.That pier onto which Jay Gatsby walks out looks just like the one in the movie,  and it's fit for docking a 200-foot yacht. No word on the green light at the end of the dock — or Daisy's house across the bay — but we think they're pretty easy to imagine.See photos, ahead.A bird's-eye view of the estate.Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.The grand entrance, where Rolls-Royces would pull up for parties.Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.The iconic dock.Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.Fountains line the walkways.Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.Can you imagine strolling here, old sport?Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.Please don't think too hard about the pool scene.Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.The tennis court.Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.New York City in the distance.Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.Another view of the well-manicured gardens.Photo: Courtesy of Trulia.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?You Need To See Zendaya's Spectacular First HomeThis List Of Things Women Shouldn't Have In Their Homes Is MaddeningThis Cozy Office Gives MAJOR Small-Space Inspiration

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You Need To See Zendaya's Spectacular First Home

When I was 20, I was stoked to land a dream internship and single room in the nicest house on my college campus. Life is a little different for triple-threat entertainer and fashion designer Zendaya, who recently purchased her very first home in Northridge, California.The five bedroom, five bathroom mansion is just as stylish as Zendaya herself. (I would expect nothing less.) According to Trulia, she bought the 4,155 square foot Mediterranean-style starter home for $1.4M — and one look at the photos puts even my Pinterest board to shame.Zendaya hasn’t always lived in a luxurious home and she certainly doesn’t take it for granted. In fact, she’s still marveling at the fact that she gets to call the mansion her own.[youtube]“I’m from Oakland, humble beginnings. I have two parents as teachers, so I’ve never lived in a two-story house or a house with air-conditioning or a house with a pool, so this is crazy,” she said. “I have a staircase; it’s like the Cinderella spiral staircase. I actually have one.”The Cinderella staircase isn’t the home’s only stunning feature. It also includes a chef-worthy kitchen, a massive swimming pool, an outdoor spa, and an expansive patio. (Something tells me Zendaya’s social gatherings are going to be the stuff of dreams.)Zendaya’s master suite is fit for a queen, complete with a vanity and powder room, custom fireplace, and private balcony.As one of the hardest-working young women in show business, Zendaya totally deserves to have a luxurious, beautiful space to come home to after those long days of filming and working on her new fashion line.Now, if only I can find a way to score an invitation to her housewarming party.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?You Could Live In The Great Gatsby Mansion (For A Cool $85 Million)This List Of Things Women Shouldn't Have In Their Homes Is MaddeningThis Cozy Office Gives MAJOR Small-Space Inspiration

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This List Of Things Women Shouldn't Have In Their Homes Is Maddening

Oh, Good Housekeeping, you knew better than to publish a sexist list of "things a woman should never, ever have in her home." But you did it. For a surreal few minutes, as I was walking up the stairs of the subway during my evening commute home, you transported me back to a simpler time — say, circa 2010 — when "definitive" listicles were novel and people still thought gender roles were a thing. When many of us didn't know any better.GH repromoted an Elle Decorpiece — something that would better have been left in the vault — that interviewed the magazine's "favorite designers" about which 13 things a woman should never (like, ever) have in her home. As much as I wanted to cry clickbait and ignore it, I just couldn't. Some of the answers were so tone-deaf, for a minute I thought it might be a parody.First, here are the only things women should never, ever have in their homes, as far as we're concerned: Dead bodies. Stolen goods. Kidnapped celebrities. Rotten food. The last season of How I Met Your Mother. (No, seriously, burn that shit.) Non-ironic MAGA hats. That's about it!One thing we learned from this list is that under no circumstances can you have your own individual style or any quirks. God forbid you don't decorate like a minimalist — no one will ever fuck you. "Don't paint your whole house pink and put ruffles on everything," says one designer. "It's not sexy."This is in the very first two lines. The fact that the article immediately made a connection between running a home and being sexy is alarming. Assuming that a woman is only furnishing and decorating her home to please potential Tinder hookups is gross. Also, have you ever been to the Madonna Inn? That place is tacky as hell — and world-famous for a reason. There's something to be said for really committing to a look. Dolly Parton, anyone?While your house has to ooze sex, you must show zero indication that you try to be sexy — the old double standard is alive and well. So, do not have makeup and skin-care products spilling out of your dresser because if your future soul mate comes over they will surely leave if they see a bunch of open hair products on your bathroom counter. "People don't need to know how much work it is to be as beautiful as you are," says one designer. Oh my god, please excuse me while I go on a monthlong retreat where I don't have to see or talk to anybody.According to the experts in the article, other forbidden objects include stuffed animals — especially on your bed ("Make room for human love," someone helpfully says), pictures of your family next to your bed (it is very unsexy and will interfere with the boning), too many pictures of your pet, and "sorority memorabilia."Also, they do realize that telling people they can't have mismatched furniture or cheap bedding is classist AF because not everyone can afford expensive matching things?So, to recap: no personal style, no childhood memories, no college memories, no photos of people you love, and be sexy, but not so sexy it's spilling out of every cabinet. Be a sexy Martha Stewart. Inhabit a space that has absolutely nothing to do with you in order to please others — because women don't have enough people giving them conflicting "well-meaning advice" on how to fashion every aspect of their lives. Yeah, I'm going to pass.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?You Could Live In The Great Gatsby Mansion (For A Cool $85 Million)You Need To See Zendaya's Spectacular First HomeThis Cozy Office Gives MAJOR Small-Space Inspiration

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