12 Tips For Making the Right Guy Fall in Love

Let’s face it, ladies. It wouldn’t be particularly hard for you to find a date tonight. If you walked around carrying a sign with your phone number and the words “date me” you would attract all sorts of guys. The problem is that they would all pretty much be weirdos. The real issue is finding the right guy. But we have some good news. There are several strategies that you can use to get a normal guy to fall in love. Here are 12 that might just do the trick!



1. Eye Contact
Eye contact is a sneaky trick that can make guys fall in love, but it really works. Why? Because it simulates the behavior of couples who actually are in love. A Harvard study found that people who are in love spend 75% of the time looking at each other. This was significantly higher compared to platonic friends. So stare away, ladies. Just make sure to blink from time to time.



2. Don’t Reveal Too Much About Yourself
Showing openness and sincerity is all good, but there are certain limits to how much you should say, especially if you are just getting to know each other. If you come right out and talk about annoying ex-boyfriends or complain about your gossipy roommate, you will come off as naive. You can gradually reveal more and more about yourself, but in order to attract him (and get him to fall in love!!!) you should remain something of an intriguing secret.

3. Be Willing to Give
We at HerBeauty are all about chivalry, ladies. (But don’t get us wrong. We think strong, independent woman are awesome too!) A guy should feel totally cool about paying when you’re on a date. At the same time, it is important that you demonstrate that you are happy to give back, whether it is by reciprocating on the next date or even by showing that you are available to give him emotional support when he needs it. Guys dig a lady who knows that love is a two-way street.



4. Appearance Matters
If you want a guy to fall in love, you should totally dress hot all the time. We’re talking red dresses and stilettos 24/7. Just kidding. We at HerBeauty aren’t afraid to show a bit of sarcasm now and again. But in all seriousness, if you want the right guy to fall in love, it is important that you make a reasonable attempt to look attractive. T-shirts, jeans and sneakers are perfectly fine too. Spend a bit of time on your hair and a bit of makeup will make a difference.


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