7 Romantic Stay At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas You Can Try

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a source of stress. Let’s be real, it’s not that big of a holiday as it’s made out to be. It’s just supposed to be a day when you show people that you love them. All those expensive gifts and big gestures are just being pushed on us by the media. It’s all marketing. “Buy this chocolate, this necklace, this ring, etc to show you love your significant other” – it’s such a scam. You don’t have to buy those lavish gifts to show your love, the best gift anyone can give their loved one is attention. So we came up with a couple of ideas of what you can do on Valentine’s day that doesn’t even require you to go out.

1. Candle Light Will Save The Day
If you haven’t really planned anything, just turning off the lights and lighting a bunch of candles can immediately change the atmosphere and make everything you do seem more romantic and sensual. Seriously, try it, if you just do your everyday mundane things, but in candlelight, everything will be way more romantic. It’s a crazy superpower that candlelight has.

2. Watch a Romantic Movie
Who said you have to go to the cinema for it to count as a date. You can watch a movie at home, make some popcorn, and just enjoy yourselves. The best thing about this is that there won’t be a bunch of annoying couples around you and don’t really have to dress up. You can be in your pajamas. Doesn’t that sound great?

3. Dress Up For The Day
Alternatively, if you want to feel more festive – dress up. Put on your best dress, do your hair, put on makeup, make your man put on a suit and have a date. It’s a strange thing, but just dressing up can make you feel way more festive and like something exciting is about to happen.


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