8 Dangerous Relationship Myths

Most of us grew up watching Disney movies and Hollywood films, where incredibly beautiful women tend to fall in love with equally handsome men and everything just works out like magic. A lot of the time all it only takes changing up your appearance or style a bit to find a perfect partner. Relationships generally don’t require any work, they’re just easy or they’re not meant to be. Let’s not even start with the whole idea of finding ‘the one’. Lots of these things start as a movie or something we read in a book and them somehow morph into a relationship myth that we interpret as a real life expectation and that’s not good. Real relationships are rarely as effortless as fictional ones, so let’s discuss some of the most dangerous relationship myths.



Myth 1: Perfect Relationship
There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. They simply don’t exist. Relationships are all about people and people aren’t perfect, they’re fundamentally flawed. No one can be perfect all the time .They can be good, they can be caring, decent and lovely, but not perfect. Everyone goes through a rough patch and it’s normal. The important thing is to remember that communication is key, and you can solve a lot by talking to your partner.



Myth 2: Happy Couples Don’t Fight
Here’s another silly relationship myth. A lot of people think that happy couples never fight or even argue, they just agree on everything all the time. But that’s not true. Everyone argues, in fact, arguing is a normal and necessary part of any relationship, that’s how you work through any issues and find a way to solve it, or find a compromise. Arguments have a bad reputation and people think that if you argue a lot that means you’re going to break up soon. But in fact, people who argue more are more likely to overcome their problems and actually stay together longer.

Myth 3: A Good Partner Knows What You Want and Need
Let’s get one thing straight – no one knows what you want or need unless you tell them, unless they’re a mindreader, of course. But how likely is that? A good partner can’t magically just know what you’re thinking at any given moment and what you want or need at a certain time. They will learn to anticipate certain things and read your body language, but that’s it. Just work on communication and let your partner know what you want. The lesson here is: a good partner isn’t one that reads your mind, but one that talks to you, asks questions and listens.


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