Watch a rescue drone save 2 swimmers in distress

0 Total Shares A new rescue drone has already proved its worth, assisting two swimmers in distress off the coast of Lennox Head, Australia. Unveiled on Thursday morning, then immediately…

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Amazon Chooses 20 Finalists for Second Headquarters

0 Total Shares The process was conducted by a team of about a dozen people within Amazon, including economists, human resources managers and executives who oversee real estate, according to…

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A Secret Hacking Group Is Using Android Malware to Spy on Thousands of People in 21 Countries, Research Finds

0 Total Shares Image: Lookout/EFF A shadowy hacking campaign has been operating out of a Beirut building owned by the Lebanese General Directorate of General Security for the last six…

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Saturn’s Fascinating Moon Titan Has Yet Another Thing in Common With Earth

0 Total Shares GIF Visualization of Titan’s largest sea, Kraken Mare, which stretches 680 miles. (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASI/USGS) Titan—Saturn’s largest moon—is remarkable in that it features a dense atmosphere and stable…

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Apple Health Data Is Being Used in a Murder Trial

0 Total Shares Image: Apple In a German murder trial in which an Afghan refugee has been accused of rape and murder, health data from the refugee’s iPhone is being…

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Trump struck net neutrality down — and kickstarted the movement that will save it

0 Total Shares It’s just over a month since the GOP-controlled Federal Communications Commission voted to gut its net neutrality rules. But if Donald Trump and his hand-picked FCC Chief…

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The big con: How tech companies made a killing by fudging their numbers

0 Total Shares In May 2015, Snapchat cofounder Evan Spiegel sat onstage at a tech event and said his app was “approaching” 100 million daily active users in developed markets. …

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Facebook needs to kill the News Feed

0 Total Shares What is the Facebook News Feed for?  In 2018, the answer is less certain than ever. Mark Zuckerberg now says it should be “good for people,” like…

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These visualizations make disturbing 2017 temperature milestone look like modern art

0 Total Shares The news that 2017 was either the second or third-warmest year on record, depending on the agency doing the official tallying, is not shocking. The past three…

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The rise of Facebook Watch: From experiments to future hits

0 Total Shares Fiona the hippo has a TV show. You won’t find it on Animal Planet, and don’t bother searching for it on Netflix. The seven-episode (plus a Christmas…

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