24 NSFW Facts You’re Definitely Curious About but Are Too Afraid to Ask

0 Total Shares ho can say whether these facts are things you need to know, or even should know? And while these facts may not be safe for work viewing…

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Parents Left Outraged After School Removes Privacy Wall in Girls’ Bathroom

0 Total Shares uick, name a place where you’d prefer to have some privacy! Did you say the bathroom? Ding ding ding! You’re right! The bathroom is the perfect place…

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Trump’s PR Team Staged Pictures of Him ‘Working’ During the Shutdown and They’re Absurd

0 Total Shares n case you weren’t aware, there’s a government shutdown going on. Of course, Donald Trump doesn’t want you to think he’s not doing work during the shutdown….

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German Killer Nurse Charged with 103 Counts of Murder After Injecting Patients Out of ‘Boredom’

0 Total Shares he case of one of Germany’s worst serial killers in history is beyond shocking. It’s like something out of a horror movie — killer nurse intentionally injects…

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Alison Brie Defends Brother-In-Law James Franco on the Red Carpet Amidst Sexual Assault Claims

0 Total Shares hoaaaa Nellie, things are already heating up on the SAG Awards red carpet. The celeb interviews are underway — beautiful people are rolling through the red carpet, looking…

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