Ugggghh, Trump And I Have Something In Common

0 Total Shares Image via AP. I was afraid this moment would come. When I clicked on this Washington Post story about Trump’s blood-sucking sycophants and the lengths to which…

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Probably Making Up This Crap About Alexa Ordering a Batman Toy

0 Total Shares Image: Screengrab via Twitter On Sunday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders used her official government Twitter account to complain that her two-year-old had allegedly ordered…

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How to worm your way into Trump’s inner circle (Hint: Red and pink Starbursts)

0 Total Shares People have strong feelings when it comes to Starbursts flavors. For President Donald Trump, his preferences are red and pink. When a politician learned of this particular…

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The Diplomatic Backlash to Trump’s Racist “Shithole” Comments Continues

0 Total Shares Associated Press South Africa’s foreign ministry said that it will issue “a diplomatic protest” to the United States at its embassy in Pretoria after President Trump referred…

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Journalists Offered Reward to Ask Trump About U.S.—Wakanda Relations

0 Total Shares Marvel screenshot/Youtube Want to know what would happen if a reporter seriously asked President Donald Trump how that bilateral trade agreement with Wakanda is panning out? You’re…

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Chrissy Teigen just shared an observation about Trump you won’t be able to unread

0 Total Shares There’s no love lost between these two.Image: John Milne/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock/mashable composite By Sam Haysom2018-01-15 12:31:18 UTC Sometimes it’s the simplest observations that are the best. Chrissy Teigen, whose…

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Apparently Trump actually said ‘sh*thouse’, and people are questioning if it’s a word

0 Total Shares Shithouse or shithole?Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images By Johnny Lieu2018-01-15 07:06:15 UTC Yes, we’re having this discussion. As the fallout over Trump’s alleged remark about the U.S. accepting…

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Outgoing Senator Jeff Flake Will Bravely Compare Trump to Stalin In Senate Speech

0 Total Shares Associated Press Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, self-styled (pseudo) critic of Donald Trump, joined ABC News on Sunday to discuss a speech he plans to deliver Wednesday on…

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State Department Reportedly Set to Cut Social Services for Palestinian Refugees

0 Total Shares Associated Press Weeks after American ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley suggested the U.S. would slash the funding it gives to the UN’s relief agency for…

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Conan O’Brien is heading to Haiti to prove it’s not a shithole 

0 Total Shares (Photo: Getty Images for Turner, Nicholas Hunt) On Thursday, that big piece of shit running this country offered yet another reminder that he’s a big-time racist when…

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