How To Get Decent At Overwatch

0 Total Shares Overwatch is a very approachable first-person shooter, but if you’ve watched the pros, then you know that the game has a high skill ceiling. How the hell…

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Adventure Time And Steven Universe Make A Great Mobile Game Better

0 Total Shares GIF Here is how to make a great video game featuring licensed characters. Step one: find a great video game. Step two: put characters from We Bare…

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With Paragon Dying, Epic Games Is Making The Characters And Environments Free

0 Total Shares Multiplayer battle arena Paragon shuts down on April 26, but its characters and environments have a chance to live on. Epic Games has released “$12 million worth”…

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Ni no Kuni II: The Kotaku Review

0 Total Shares It can be difficult, as a jaded adult, to appreciate a great fairy tale—one where the hero always wins and naivety is a character strength rather than…

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