Kaymo of the big tune, Thitima has joined the fathers club

0 Total Shares Cheza ni kama umepigwa radi! Kaymo of Thitima is mostly viewed as this funny guy with funny lyrics and humongous, larger-than-life wig. Yaani, he just funny. We…

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DJ Sadic responds to allegations of being involved with Oliver Karmen

0 Total Shares Rumours had surfaced that DJ Sadic had been spotted with Oliver Karmen who he refers to as “bestie” in a more friendly manner. People have been claiming…

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Kumbe?! Producer Calvo Mistari and media babe Kamene Goro are dating (Evidence inside)

0 Total Shares Calvo Mistari went missing somewhere in the music world and he has not been found yet! Guess maybe it is because he is the music genius behind…

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Video of Amina Abdi shaking her booty as stylist shouts, ‘Client’s grows an ass overnight!’ emerges

0 Total Shares Somebody tell Amina Abdi to filter what goes on in her social media. Remember when she was busy touching Neomi Ng’ang’a boobs and we were all like…

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Huyu Bahati kwani? Look at him pull another shady stunt

0 Total Shares Congratulations are in order for Bahati and his wife Diana Marwa for their bouncing baby girl, Heaven. This was very chini ya maji and when the news…

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‘Hebu mniache nifanye mambo yangu,’ Akothee threatens her fans, again

0 Total Shares Akothee is trending all day everyday! From bae stories to harsh ‘real talk’ to her daughters. This time, she went at it to her fans. She is…

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