This sex-positive indie game is basically Nintendo meets porn

0 Total Shares Warning: This post contains images that are NSFW Like the Shake Weight, the experience of vigorously jerking your phallic-looking Wii Remote up and down to win at…

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Nintendo’s Latest Nostalgia Gimmick Is $70 Pieces of Cardboard and I Think I Hate It

0 Total Shares GIF GIF: NIntendo On Wednesday, Nintendo announced a new line of peripherals that use, wait for it, cardboard to supplement the Switch experience. Launching April 20, Nintendo…

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The Internet Reacts To Nintendo Labo 

0 Total Shares GIF Nintendo Labo is basically high-tech cardboard, so naturally the internet is still trying to process the Japanese developer’s “new interactive experience.” While some people hoped for…

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PSA: You Can Preorder Nintendo’s LABO Kits Now, If You Want Them On Launch Day

0 Total Shares Preorder Nintendo LABO Robot Kit | $80 | Amazon Nintendo’s weird new Robot LABO kit is up for preorder on Amazon for $80, and if you want…

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Nintendo Labo is a new DIY way to play games on the Switch

0 Total Shares Nintendo has revealed a whole new lineup of video game accessories for the Switch … and they’re all made of cardboard. Nintendo Labo is a new line…

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Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo, A Wild New Experiment For Switch

0 Total Shares Nintendo today announced Nintendo Labo, a wild new experiment for the Switch that will allow players to insert the console into assorted pieces of cardboard, creating items…

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