15 Stunningly Creepy Pictures of the Abandoned ‘Land of Oz’ Theme Park

0 Total Shares n 1970, the Carolina Caribbean Corporation opened the Land of Oz theme park in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. The idea was for people to have an entire Wizard…

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Trump Doesn’t Exactly Stack up Next to Guys Who Are Actually 6’3” and 239 Pounds

0 Total Shares he American public waited with bated breath as President Donald Trump underwent his first official medical exam as commander-in-chief. What is it about this man that makes him…

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Fox News Buried Story of Trump’s Affair with Porn Star Stormy Daniels Before the Election

0 Total Shares nother day, another way Trump and Fox News are colluding to bring down the United States of America. After employees of Fox News basically admitted that the…

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Embracing Your Acne Is the Newest Beauty Trend of 2018

0 Total Shares ow long do you spend getting ready in the morning? If you’re someone who wears makeup, you might find yourself spending quite a bit of time applying…

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10 Little-Known Facts You Never Knew About ‘Shark Tank’

0 Total Shares hark Tank may be TV’s most brutal show. Where else can you see people enter a room full of business moguls after having spent all their money…

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We’re Never Sleeping Again After Seeing Photos of a Little Girl’s Creepy Doll Hobby

0 Total Shares e all did weird stuff to our toys growing up that maybe made our parents wonder if we were completely normal. Whether it was chopping off all…

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Matt Damon Apologizes for Comments About Sexual Assault and Vows to Shut up for a While

0 Total Shares s this reckoning of predatory men is taking place, the absolute most important thing men, women, people of all genders, and especially men can do is listen….

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