It will be warmer at the North Pole next week than much of Europe, as sea ice vanishes

0 Total Shares In what seems to be becoming an annual occurrence, temperatures at the North Pole are about to reach or possibly exceed the freezing point this week as…

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Who knew? The race to colonize Mars is ‘patriarchal,’ akin to Columbus’ rape of America

0 Total Shares It’s certainly something you would expect to come out of an “institute for gender research”: The latest leg in the space race — traveling to, and then…

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CERN To Put Antimatter In A Moving Truck To Study Neutron Stars

0 Total Shares The last man on the moon dies aged 82 The ISOLDE facility where the rare and radioactive nuclei is going to be generated. A team of physicists…

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NASA vows ‘immediate discoveries’ on Mars using ALIEN-searching telescope

0 Total Shares GETTY BREAKTHOUGH: NASA says its James Webb telescope is to bring ‘immediate discoveries’ The space agency says the Red Planet will…

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Super-Thin Skin Display Can Help You Let the World Know You are Still Alive (On the Outside)

0 Total Shares The University of Tokyo, in partnership with Dai Nippon Printing, has recently developed and unveiled a new gadget that will help the elderly monitor their health without…

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Trump calls for a $2.7B space station to orbit the moon

0 Total Shares Photo: Courtesy Of Boeing Artist concepts of the lunar gateway orbiter that Boeing is working on. By the time the United States hits the 54-year anniversary of…

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NASA sees Phoenix Mars lander’s dusty grave 10 years later

0 Total Shares We may have to send a Dustbuster to Mars some day.   NASA’s Phoenix lander was never meant to have a long lifespan. It launched in 2007,…

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Is Booze the Secret to Longevity? 

0 Total Shares Most of us will only get to live into our 70s, so raise your hand if you’re jealous of 100-year-olds blowing out their birthday candles and delivering…

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NASA Photos Reveal How Fast Antarctic Ice Sheets Are Melting Into The Oceans

0 Total Shares NASA recently published a study uncovering just how fast Antarctica’s ice sheets are flowing into the ocean. Scientists used a new technique compiling hundreds of thousands of…

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Neptune’s Great Dark Spot is also shrinking

0 Total Shares After just yesterday we wrote that Jupiter’s emblematic Giant Red Storm was quieting down, Neptune’s own giant storm is about to suffer the same fate. Dark spot…

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