Facebook needs to kill the News Feed

0 Total Shares What is the Facebook News Feed for?  In 2018, the answer is less certain than ever. Mark Zuckerberg now says it should be “good for people,” like…

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BMW to challenge Tesla with super long-range electric SUV

0 Total Shares BMW plans to produce a futuristic electric vehicle with a whopping 435 miles of range. That’s enough to drive from Los Angeles to Phoenix and still have…

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StubHub is using augmented reality to help you buy Super Bowl tickets

For serious football fans, there’s no more prized (or pricey) ticket than the Super Bowl. But that ticket also often comes with a lot of the unknowns that accompany traveling…

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The Truth About Electrical Brain Stimulation

0 Total Shares Shocking your scalp using two wet sponges and electrodes is having a bit of a moment. The procedure, called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), has been shown…

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Automate Any Light With This $30 Smart Switch

0 Total Shares You’ve seen the TP-Link Smart Plug, but did you know they make a smart light switch as well? With a little wiring, you can control any lighting…

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‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ mobile game enrolls you in a virtual wizarding school

0 Total Shares Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery looks like it’s all about letting you live out the fantasy of enrolling in a wizarding school. The wizarding school, even. Coming this…

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The Winklevoss twins may have lost A LOT of money on Bitcoin

With Bitcoin crashing, some cryptocurrency HODLers are hurting. That might include the Winklevoss twins.  Tyler and Cameron bought 120,000 bitcoins in late 2012 with money from the $65 million payout…

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A Google bus was attacked outside of San Fransisco, just like buses from Apple

Apple shuttles aren’t the only tech buses under attack.  Google buses, which carry employees of the tech giant to and from its Mountain View headquarters, are in the spotlight today…

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How Google’s ‘speed update’ will affect mobile search

0 Total Shares Google is trying to speed up mobile searches.Image: Adam Berry/Getty Images By Karissa Bell2018-01-18 00:13:15 UTC Google searches on your phone are about to get an important…

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Nintendo Labo is a new DIY way to play games on the Switch

0 Total Shares Nintendo has revealed a whole new lineup of video game accessories for the Switch … and they’re all made of cardboard. Nintendo Labo is a new line…

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