A Mysterious Masked Bandit Is Projecting the Word ‘Sh*thole’ Onto Trump’s Building

0 Total Shares ast week, Donald Trump unleashed a global furor when he called countries in the Caribbean, South America, and Africa sh*thole countries. The comments came in response to…

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People Are Sharing the Movies That Traumatized Them as Kids and We Are Having Major Flashbacks

0 Total Shares or me, it was the movie Look Who’s Talking Too. No, I’m not talking about what my favorite talking baby movie was, I’m talking about a thing…

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Couple Arrested for Keeping Their 13 Children Shackled and Imprisoned in Their Home

0 Total Shares ow much do you know about your neighbors? It’s a particularly resonant question for one California community now grappling with the news that a pair of their…

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The Bachelor’s Krystal Is This Season’s Villain, but Bibiana Is the Prophet

0 Total Shares ibiana Julian is a modern day prophet, and we don’t deserve her. In Arie’s Bachelor world, you are either a Krystal or a Bibiana – there is no…

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‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Author Margaret Atwood Slammed for Essay Asking ‘Am I a Bad Feminist?’

0 Total Shares he Handmaid’s Tale is a book and a television show about the dangers of uber-patriarchal societies. Margaret Atwood wrote the novel in 1985, and it immediately entered the…

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15 of the Most Hilarious ‘Google Arts and Culture’ Face Matches on the Internet

0 Total Shares ccasionally there are still wonderful things on the Internet. I know, it’s hard to believe. But it’s true! Over the past few days, the Google Arts and…

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Forget Politeness: How Holding in a Sneeze Could Blow a Hole in Your Throat

0 Total Shares he human body is all kinds of weird. Between all the cracking joints and gurgling stomachs, your body is a veritable orchestra of unconventional instruments just lying…

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Couple Stages Full on Explicit Delivery Room Photoshoot for the ‘Birth’ of New Kitten

0 Total Shares hanks to newborn photography, we are all able to experience the miracle of birth from a much more intimate perspective than we ever could before. If you…

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