Abercrombie Is Breaking down Gender Barriers with Its New Unisex Kids’ Line

alk into pretty much any kids’ clothing store and you’ll see the same thing: two separate and distinct sections, one for boys and one for girls. In the boys’ section,…

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Never Ever Agree To Let Someone Make Payments When They Buy Your Car

0 Total Shares Right away most of you have read the headline and thought, “Of course not, McParland! How obvious do you need to get?” I too thought this was…

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Figure Out Where to Put the Apostrophe With This Handy Flowchart

0 Total Shares For some of us, grade-school grammar lessons haven’t stuck. I managed fairly well with my trusty Elements of Style until pretty recently, but the ongoing assault on…

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How to Get Your Kid Out the Door Faster Every Morning

0 Total Shares Photo: Africa Studio via Shutterstock Getting kids out the door in the morning can go one of two ways: They wake up early and then dawdle, forcing…

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Here’s the First Discount Ever on Amazon’s Adorable Echo Spot

0 Total Shares Amazon’s new Echo Spot is like an adorably rounded Echo Show, and as a consequence, one of the best alarm clocks ever made. But unlike all of…

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24 NSFW Facts You’re Definitely Curious About but Are Too Afraid to Ask

0 Total Shares ho can say whether these facts are things you need to know, or even should know? And while these facts may not be safe for work viewing…

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After a Hairdresser’s Mugshot Went Viral, All People Wanted to Know Was Who Did Her Braids

0 Total Shares hen life gives you mugshots, use them to get hairdressing clients! That’s how the saying goes, right? Well, that’s how it went for Shia Yearwood. The 24-year-old…

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Use Your Instant Pot to Cook These Meats

0 Total Shares Photo by Claire Lower The Instant Pot may seem like a magic black box that makes anything in very little time but it is, mainly, a very…

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Help Kids Study By Having Them Pretend They’re On a YouTube Show 

0 Total Shares YouTube If a kid is struggling with learning school material, it’s tough to know how to help. Parents try to offer guidance, saying, “Make flashcards,” “Listen to…

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Get Through an Urge to Self-Harm With These Apps 

0 Total Shares What’s Up, Moods, and Calm Harm. iOS/Android: The urge to self-harm, the Calm Harm app tells us, is like a wave. It’s strongest at the beginning, but…

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