Quebec Road Trip: Music for Traveling: 24 Perfect Songs for My Quebec Road Trip


No road trip is complete without the perfect playlist. Credit Jasmin Lavoie for The New York Times

Love ballads, political anthems, Franglais rappers and, of course, Celine Dion and Leonard Cohen topped the suggestions I received from readers offering musical tips for my five-city road trip across my home province, Quebec, which begins today in Montreal.

Last week, I asked readers to suggest what music I should play while on the road, and they heeded my call! Hundreds of musical suggestions poured in.

In the end, I selected artists and songs that embody Quebecois identity — and which would provide the ideal soundtrack as we drive past churches; Dépanneurs, or convenience stores; and the province’s picturesque, rugged and sometimes desolate landscapes.

Some songs on the list are favorites of mine, like Mr. Cohen’s “Closing Time,” an upbeat ode to late-night revelry that reminds me so much of the joie de vivre of Montreal and Quebec.

Others — like those from the plaintive crooner Richard Desjardins, the folkloric group Les Cowboys Fringants and the Quebec rocker Éric Lapointe — are such a part of Quebec’s musical tapestry that leaving them out seemed a sacrilege.