Bleach Manga Creator And A Fan’s Dying Wish 

Last year, Bleach creator Tite Kubo posted a photo of a letter. It was a fan’s dying wish. Read more…

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The Most Eagerly Anticipated Anime of Winter 2018

Soon, winter anime will begin broadcast. Here are the twenty anime that folks in Japan are looking forward to the most. Read more…

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First Look At The New Anime From Mamoru Hosoda

Mirai no Mirai is the latest film from Mamoru Hosoda of Wolf Children fame. Here is the picture’s first teaser. Read more…

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Terra Formars Manga Starts Up Again Next April 

Earlier this year, manga Terra Formars went on hiatus due to writer Yu Sasuga’s health. The manga was slated to return this fall, but was still MIA. However, Sasuga appears…

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Pokémon Fans Are Having Fun With “Cute Ash”

Next year’s Pokémon movie features a new look for Ash. Fans say the design looks kawaii or “cute” and are having fun churning out tweaked versions. Read more…

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Mario Kart Drivers In Japan Will Soon Be Required To Wear Seat Belts

In Tokyo, you can dress up as Mario or Luigi or Wario or whatever Mario Kart character you desire (Toad is clearly the best Mario Kart character and has been…

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New Dragon Ball Cafe Opens In Japan

Last Friday, the official Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner opened in Osaka, Japan. The eatery serves up Dragon Ball themed food and drink, showcases beautiful art, and sells special merch….

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Ash from Pokémon Will Change Again Next Year

Over the years Ash’s appearance has changed. In next year’s Pokémon anime movie, the eternal 10-year old will once again look different. Read more…

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The Berserk Manga Is Coming Back This Month

After a half a year hiatus, the Berserk manga is returning to publication. Read more…

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Live-Action Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Perfect

As far as live-action Animal Crossing parodies go, this one will be hard to top. Read more…

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