Crafted from paper, these puppets literally pop into shape when touched

Japanese designer, Haruki Nakamura, creates paper puppets that can pop into life just by being touched.  He uses a technique called “kirigami,” which is a variation of origami where instead…

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Nier Creator Yoko Taro Wants To Make An Adult Video 

When giving a panel at SEA Summit in Singapore, Yoko Taro talked about his hopes and dreams, including the possibility of a Nier sequel, a Drakengard and a porno. Read…

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Sonic’s Collaboration With Hooters Looks Grim 

During last month’s Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced it was doing a Sonic Forces promotion with Hooters for some reason. Today, said collaboration begins at the chain’s Tokyo locations, and…

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Asics is going to bake your next custom sneaker in a microwave

Custom sneakers can usually take weeks, if not months, to be made, but Asics is going to make you one the same way you make instant ramen. The sportswear giant…

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