Save Money By Purchasing Group Plane Tickets Individually

Whenever a large group of friends and I are planning a big trip, I typically volunteer to purchase the plane tickets. Credit card points are serious business, and throwing a…

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How to Get Started With Apple’s New Apple Pay Cash

This week, Apple finally made Apple Pay Cash available, it’s Venmo competition for the iPhone. With it, you can send and receive cash from friends, much like you can with…

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Three US Airlines Will Start Banning Some Smart Luggage in January

Smart luggage has been a small revolution for people who love charging their electronic devices from their suitcases. But—and maybe blame the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for its inspiration—airlines are…

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Spread Holiday Cheer and Do Serious Good With Operation Santa

Okay, yes, pinning your charitable work to holidays can be a problem. But also, this time of year there are lots of people in need—both for seasonal gifts that make…

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Remember Things Better By Saying Them Out Loud

The key to remembering something may be saying it aloud. Read more…

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How to Get a Collage of Your ‘Best 9’ Instagram Photos From 2017

Every year around this time all my friends start sharing their “Best 9” photos of the year from Instagram. Do we all necessarily need to relive all those memories? Probably…

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Find Someone Who Shares Your Interests by Searching OkCupid by Keyword

The dating app swipe can be addictive and satisfying, but it also rests on snap judgements that aren’t necessarily the things that make a relationship work—you know, common interests and…

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“Sleep Opportunity” Is the Key to Actually Getting Enough Sleep

You know the sleep hacks. You’re laying off caffeine in the afternoon, avoiding blue light, maybe taking a warm bath and having a little stretch before you get between the…

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Don’t Plug a Space Heater Into a Power Strip

This time of year, you’ve gotta do some work to keep your home warm and cozy. Christmas lights, decorations, an extra throw blanket on the couch. And, of course, a…

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An Ugly Holiday Sweater Could Score You Free Early Boarding on Alaska and Virgin Next Week

If you’re flying on Alaska Airlines next week it pays to dress up (or down?). For one day only, the airline is allowing customers that show up wearing ugly holiday…

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