The world looks different after today’s big neutron star collision discovery

My grandmother died in 2013.  She was a stubborn, brilliant woman who ardently believed in the value of science. She came of age in Brooklyn, but I knew her as…

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Ex-Hurricane Ophelia slams Ireland as one of country’s strongest storms in decades

The post-tropical incarnation of Hurricane Ophelia slammed Ireland and the northern parts of the U.K., including Scotland, on Monday with damaging wind gusts, towering waves, coastal flooding, and a bizarre…

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Colliding Neutron Star Discovery Could Solve This Mystery About Our Expanding Universe

Today, physicists across the world celebrated as telescopes and observatories on Earth and in space captured a “kilonova.” Two neutron stars collided 130 million light years away, sending gravitational waves,…

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This robot could save lives by improving breast cancer screenings

A team at The University of Twente is working to make an MRI-compatible, biopsy-performing robot in an effort to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Read more… More…

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These carbon fibre chairs are designed to be used on Mars

If Elon Musk wants to get a human crew to Mars by 2024, they’ll need chairs, right? That’s the priority for Switzerland-based designer Thomas Missé, who has designed the “Mars…

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Prisoners in Texas donate more than $50,000 for Harvey relief

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and Louisiana in late August, prison inmates in Texas reached out with a helping hand. More than 6,600 incarcerated individuals in Texas dipped into their…

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China’s Tiangong-1 Space Station Will Crash to Earth in the Next Few Months

China’s 8.5-ton Tiangong-1 space station, originally launched in 2011, has seen its orbit rapidly decay and is now expected to hit the Earth in the next few months, the Guardian…

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This personal tea brewer will get your tea right every time

Not everyone has access to traditionally made tea‘Teamosa’ lets tea drinkers customize the flavor and strength of their brew. Read more… More about Tech, Business, Science, Food, and Mashable Video

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