Samsung taps the Internet of Things to track your stuff

Samsung wants to make sure you never lose your stuff again. And is tapping the Internet of Things to do it.  The consumer electronics giant has introduced the Samsung Connect…

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Google Photos will now automatically recognize pics of your pets

Google knows that your phone holds untold gigabytes of snapshots of your favorite animal friends. So the search giant is making it even easier to group those pics all together….

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Facebook buys tbh, the anonymous app teens can’t get enough of

Facebook just scored a huge win its quest to win over teens. The company has acquired tbh, the anonymous app that’s been going viral with teens. The app, which is…

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What the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability means for you and your devices

So it turns out your Wi-Fi is vulnerable to hackers. A newly released research paper dropped a pretty sizable security bomb: The security protocol protecting most Wi-Fi devices can essentially…

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Find Your Spark

Read more…More about Mashable Reels, Dji Spark, Dji Drones, Tech, and Drones

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These AI learn by competing against each other, and it looks ridiculous

Researchers at Elon Musk’s startup, OpenAI, think they have discovered the most efficient way to train artificial neural networks: have them compete against each other. The researchers have created simulations…

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Tesla unveils a brand new dual-charging port for Chinese vehicles

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Colliding Neutron Star Discovery Could Solve This Mystery About Our Expanding Universe

Today, physicists across the world celebrated as telescopes and observatories on Earth and in space captured a “kilonova.” Two neutron stars collided 130 million light years away, sending gravitational waves,…

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Every Wi-Fi device you own is vulnerable to a devastating cyberattack

A severe weakness discovered in the WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol means all of your internet-connected devices—laptops, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and more—are vulnerable to a devastating attack. The vulnerability in the WPA2 security…

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Microsoft and Justice Department Will Square Off in Supreme Court Over Critical Privacy Case

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in a critical case over data privacy, the outcome of which will likely determine how easily law enforcement can gain access…

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