Facebook buys tbh, the anonymous app teens can’t get enough of

Facebook just scored a huge win its quest to win over teens. The company has acquired tbh, the anonymous app that’s been going viral with teens. The app, which is…

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No no, Woody Allen thinks Harvey Weinstein is a “sad, sick man”

Woody Allen is clarifying a comment he made to BBC News about accused serial rapist Harvey Weinstein the other day. Originally, the British outlet quoted the director as saying “the…

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Andy Richter doesn’t appreciate being told to “stay in his lane”

Andy Richter is probably best known for being a writer and the long-running “late-night sidekick” on Conan O’Brien’s series of talk shows. He’s also become known for being a very…

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Glenn and Pam’s budding romance drives an enjoyable Last Man On Earth

If you caught the Family Guy episode that preceded tonight’s Last Man On Earth, you know they made a little joke at this show’s expense. After originally being a show…

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Russell’s birthday party is the only excuse Vice Principals needs to get ridiculous

Russell is a fragile man who can’t catch a break. Perhaps that’s karma, as the universe offsets all of his toxic nonsense and unrelenting cruelty with moments that make him…

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Curb Your Enthusiasm wrings major laughs out of minor disturbances

Here is the placeholder post for tonight’s Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, “A Disturbance In The Kitchen.” Until the full review goes up, fix yourself an Arnold Parker and head to…

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Larry David will host Saturday Night Live again next month

Last year, when Bernie Sanders was a fun herald of our gloriously liberal future and not a painful reminder of how little it pays to be hopeful about anything, his…

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With a little help from my fiends: A serial-killer cameo gives Mindhunter’s second episode a brutal boost

Edmund Kemper is not your average pop-culture serial killer. That’s the point. Mindhunter’s second episode may be dogged by many of the same problems as its premiere—we’ll get to that…

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James Corden defines “too soon” with poorly received Harvey Weinstein jokes

James Corden is mostly known for having musical fun with celebrities in cars, but he’s had a bit of a rough time lately when trying to have a similar amount…

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Woody Allen is worried the Weinstein scandal will lead to a “witch hunt”

A lot of people have had utterly terrible takes on the many sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, with some people suggesting that Mike Pence was right to be afraid…

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