Alcoholic gift ideas that say, ‘Your political opinions are worth hearing’

Around the holidays everyone always has those special family members they want to avoid having conversations with at all costs. But alas, these problematic individuals are still family, and they…

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People are ditching their boring Christmas trees for pineapples this year

This Christmas, there’s one sweet trend that’s giving the boring old pine tree a run for its money.  The pineapple Christmas tree trend made its holiday debut on Pinterest this…

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Practical gift ideas for telling your son it’s time to move out

Christmas is a great time to show your loved ones that you care with great presents. But it can also be a good time to show your loved ones they’re…

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Chance the Rapper calls out troll’s ‘hyperbolic racist comparisons’ on Twitter

It should be clear at this point that you sign up for a public shaming when you’re rude to celebrities on Twitter.  And yet, we still have folks like Joey,…

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Bury me in this giant, full-body tube scarf

As temperatures drop and the time of sunset nears closer and closer to mid-afternoon, the urge to swaddle ourselves in large cuts expensive knit fabric grows ever stronger.  Luckily a…

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Clever UFC fan fools the system, streams a pay-per-view UFC event by pretending to play it

It may not have been lawful, but it sure was clever. Twitch streamer A.J. Lester hatched a brilliant plan on Saturday: He (illegally) streamed the pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 218,…

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20 gifts under $20 for your wine-loving friends

Your wine-loving friends already know what they like.  They’ve got their favorite varietals and they’ve got their favorite brands listed in a note on their phone for reference. In other…

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