Marijuana Market Projected To Hit $18,000,000,000 By 2021: Report 

A new report suggests that even if Donald Trump actively challenges the recreational marijuana industry, the marijuana industry will hit $18 billion by 2021. If he doesn’t, the industry could…

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Trump sets internet ablaze with his new nickname for George H.W. Bush

President Donald Trump covered a wide range of issues during his press conference on Monday — including sparking backlash for his comments about President Obama — but that wasn’t the only reference…

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A Bilingual Radio Station Has Become a Lifeline For Undocumented Immigrants Fleeing Wildfires in California

“People are afraid to go to red cross shelters because they are afraid they will get deported. We’re trying to get help to people who are too afraid to get…

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Gina Rodriguez on making her family a priority, being starstruck and Kate Hudson’s ‘dope’ Halloween party

At a recent party in her new home, Gina Rodriguez brought together two people from different parts of her life to form an unusual connection. Read more…

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A Philando Castile Memorial Fund Has Wiped Out All Student Lunch Debt in St. Paul

A memorial fund set up to honor the late Philando Castile has raised enough money to clear a year’s worth of student lunch debt across St. Paul, MN. Read more…

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The world looks different after today’s big neutron star collision discovery

My grandmother died in 2013.  She was a stubborn, brilliant woman who ardently believed in the value of science. She came of age in Brooklyn, but I knew her as…

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Trial Begins for Members of Heroin Ring Said to Be Protected by Baltimore Police Officers

A federal trial began Monday that was expected to include testimony from a Baltimore detective whom prosecutors say protected a deadly heroin ring. Read more…

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These wireless blocks are your kid’s newest coding teacher

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Coding isn’t always easy to learn, and some of the products that are…

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Mayim Bialik responds to backlash over Harvey Weinstein op-ed

“Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik has responded to backlash she received for a New York Times op-ed about Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment in Hollywood, which some critics claimed…

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After Nearly 2 Weeks, Trump Still Hasn’t Reached Out to Dead Soldiers’ Families

It’s been nearly two weeks since a deadly ambush in Niger claimed the lives for four American soldiers, and President Donald Trump has finally acknowledged the attack at a press…

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