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Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Guide: Where to find all new & key items – RPG Site


iOS 10.3 and watchOS 3.2 releases bring Find My AirPods, Theater Mode features – TechRadar


Live Location tells your FB Messenger friends ‘I’m here, come find me’ – CNET


Facebook’s Messenger app adds live location-sharing – The Sydney Morning Herald


Uber is officially resuming all of its self-driving car tests after a big accident over the weekend – Business Insider


Days After London Terror Attack, the UK Government Is Already Going After WhatsApp’s Encryption – Gizmodo


Amazon’s Automated Grocery Store Works Great as Long as No One Runs or Moves Stuff Around


Here’s the First Look at Hollywood’s New Version of Tomb Raider Heroine Lara Croft 


For Some Reason, Samsung Might Sell Refurbished Versions of Its Exploding Phones


Intel Claims Its Magical New Memory Will Speed Your Computer Up for Cheap

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Bits: Tech Roundup: The World’s Top Venture Capitalists

In collaboration with the research firm CB Insights, The New York Times presents the top 20 venture investors this year, many of whom have moved around from 2016.

Retail Instincts Propel Investor to Venture Capitalism’s Top Tier

Kirsten Green is unusual for a number of reasons: She never worked at a venture capital firm before starting her own, and she’s a woman in a male-dominated field.

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After London Attack, U.K. Wants Access to Encrypted WhatsApp Messages

British lawmakers will meet with American tech representatives as part of a wider push to get Silicon Valley to do more to tackle potential threats.

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Tech Tip: Escaping the Scareware Alert

If intrusive pop-ups from your browser claim your computer has a virus, odds are someone is trying to scam you.


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Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Guide: Where to find all new & key items – RPG Site

RPG Site

Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Guide: Where to find all new & key items
RPG Site
Ashes of Ariandel was a good but very short DLC with a lot of interesting weapons and items for collectors to gather up. FROM Software has doubled the amount of items and weapons available in the newest, and last, DLC The Ringed City. We've got a full ...
Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City ReviewIGN
13 Minutes of Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Gameplay RevealedSegmentNext
Dark Souls 3: how to access The Ringed City DLCVG247
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Night Shift is now available on your Mac so you can finally get some damn sleep


It's hard out there for a keyboard jockey. 

Thankfully, Night Shift is here to save the day (er, night). 

Spending long hours staring at a computer has its ill effects, one of which being that the blue light pouring out of the screen is thought to wreak havoc on people's circadian rhythms. This in turn makes it harder to fall asleep at night once that laptop is eventually put away. 

In other words, your beloved MacBook might be messing up your slumber time. 

MacOS' Sierra 10.12.4 update takes care of that inconvenience by making standard a feature that once required the third-party app f.luxNight Shift, as it's called, works by reducing the amount of blue light used by your screen in the evening — switching over to warmer colors in the process.  Read more...

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Definitely don’t follow these DIY steps to give your red iPhone 7 a black front


Sometimes fashion just trumps function. 

If that means cracking open your brand new red iPhone 7, voiding the warranty and potentially breaking it? Then so be it. 

Because when it comes to replacing the white front on a red iPhone 7 with the much-cooler black bezel from a different phone there's really not that much of a choice. That black-widow style is just too badass to pass up, and if Apple won't manufacture it for you then you'll just have to do it yourself.

Actually, never mind. This is an awful idea, and as you risk destroying your phone in the process. You definitely shouldn't do this.  Read more...

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iOS 10.3 and watchOS 3.2 releases bring Find My AirPods, Theater Mode features – TechRadar


iOS 10.3 and watchOS 3.2 releases bring Find My AirPods, Theater Mode features
Rejoice, Apple fans, as it's that time again when the tech giant rolls out its newest batch of updates. Even macOS is getting in on the update action today with the inclusion of the eyestrain-reducing Night Shift mode. But, we digress: for fans of ...
How to fix disappearing iPhone passwordsZDNet
Apple releases iOS 10.3 update for iPhone and iPads that offers Siri, Air Pods and Car Play featuresHerald Sun
Apple brings Night Shift for Macs, Find My AirPodsUSA TODAY
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Fitbit’s Alta HR gets caught up between fashion and function


Fitness trackers have historically been kind of, well, ugly. That changed last year with the Fitbit Alta, a sleek device that compromised a bit on fitness functionality.

The company's back with an upgrade, the Alta HR, which aims to give fashion-savvy workout warriors an appealing device with better features. It contains a version of Fitbit's PurePulse heart rate monitor technology, previously found in the bulkier Charge 2 band and Blaze smartwatch. 

The Alta HR mostly accomplishes its goals, but it leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to down and dirty fitness tracking. The heart rate monitoring is a welcome addition — but the device doesn't offer much beyond measuring your vitals.  Read more...

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