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Amazon has its eye on the car market in next step toward world domination

Between Amazon's blitz into the grocery market and its fashion aspirations, you might have missed the shopping juggernaut's entry into the auto world. Car retailers certainly haven't. The company has already built a sizable business selling vehicle parts online, and it could have its sights set on auto services and even car sales down the road. Like most of Amazon's plans, this is no small ambition. Cars and their maintenance are a bigger cash sink for the average American household than even groceries, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While online sales still make up a comparatively small share of the overall auto parts market, they're growing at a much faster clip than traditional channels with a 16 percent expansion predicted this year, according to market research firm Hedges & Company. Read more...More about Amazon, Cars, Ecommerce, Retail, and Business

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Delivery guy clearly DGAF about your packages

[youtube] We want our packages delivered fast, but maybe not tossed-out-of-a-moving-car fast. Youtube user garyc83 posted security camera footage of a Lasership delivery employee that seems to have sooo many packages to deliver, he has no time to stop his car and place people's orders gently at their doors. Instead, to cut down on time, the employee gives the package a toss out of his still moving van, and with a clunk, the package is delivered. Done! Safe and sound! There's absolutely no way whatever's inside is damaged now. The way he slammed it on the pavement while in motion is totally the right way to deliver those crystal figurines someone ordered on Amazon. Read more...More about Watercooler, Viral Videos, Car, Package, and Delivery

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Chinese drivers hate that new car smell, so Ford is trying its best to get rid of it

That "new car smell" can be pretty divisive. Some of us love it, yet the rest absolutely can't stand it. In China, it seems the majority hate it. And the fast-growing market is so valuable that Ford is going out of its way to get rid of the new car smell, so people don't get turned off. SEE ALSO: Made-to-order amphibious car lets you ride from land to water According to Reuters, Ford has appointed 18 "golden nose" smell experts in its Chinese research plant, to weed out anything that contributes to a perceptible odour in a car. A lot of a new car's smell comes from new fabrics and materials on steering wheels and seats. So instead of wrapping seats in plastic, as they do in many overseas markets, the car seats in China are stored in cloth bags to ventilate them before they get put in a new Ford. Read more...More about China, Cars, Ford, Automotive, and Smells

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