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The Galaxy S8’s weird moving home button might be a problem the iPhone 8 has too

Got yourself a new Samsung Galaxy S8? Have you noticed the new virtual on-screen home button seems to move? Good news: You're not losing your mind, and you're definitely not seeing things. SEE ALSO: You can make your Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent, but there's a catch The folks at GalaxyClub have confirmed the Galaxy S8's virtual home button shifts ever so slightly — something most people probably won't ever notice. But why would it need to do that? To prevent screen burn-in, apparently.  Galaxy S8's home button shifts a little.Image: galaxy club And then a little more. But you probably won't notice it TBH.Image: galaxy club Read more... More about Oled, Burn In, Apple, Iphone 8, and Galaxy S8

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Some users say their Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps restarting for no reason

Samsung's latest flagship phone seems to be holding up better than the now-discontinued Note7 in the "don't go up in flames" department, but the Galaxy S8 isn't completely devoid of issues.  First, users were reporting that their phone screens had a red tint to them— an issue that Samsung promptly fixed with a software patch. Now, to add to Samsung's recent tech woes, users have been complaining that the S8 and the S8+ keep spontaneously restarting with no good reason. SEE ALSO: Forget the Galaxy S8, Samsung's already working on the Galaxy S9 A thread about the problem on Samsung's U.Scommunity page — spotted by Android Authority — currently has more than a hundred replies, and many of them boil down to the same issue: Both variants of the phone just keep restarting for users.  Read more...More about Restart, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S8, Tech, and Mobile

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