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Work on-the-go with this suitcase that doubles as a desk

Samsara is a suitcase that allows you to be productive while you travel. It has a flat top for your laptop and a power bank that can charge all your devices. It's lightweight and durable. It retails for $690 and comes in two different colors. Read more...More about Mobile, Travel, Traveling, Suitcase, and Luggage

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When ‘Threes’ first launched, there was no way to beat it

Someone beat Threes. In other news: Threes can be beaten(?!). SEE ALSO: 'Life is Strange' prequel explores teen relationships, sexuality, and loss Sirvo's hit mobile game of shifting tiles to combine like numbers first launched in February 2014. According to illustrator Greg Wohlwend on Twitter, it's taken exactly 3.33 years for someone to complete Threes. It took 3.33 years for someone (@ThreesPorn) to beat Threes. That's an exact figure — Greg Wohlwend (@aeiowu) June 20, 2017 ...That can't be a coincidence, can it? I reached out to Asher Vollmer, the game's designer, to find out. (Amazingly, it is. Read on.) Read more...More about Entertainment, Mobile, Gaming, Threes, and Entertainment

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