Convert Your Cybercafe into a Robotic Hub!

Very Simple.. You just need to partner with us and convert it to a Robotic Center. Thus tapping more opportunities around you.. Nearby clients will use the space for their tasks! How's That?

Convert Your Cyber Locate a Cyber

Welcome to our Robotic Centers

Heavily loaded with Pre-Installed robotics, fast speeds, more entrepreneural opportunities, instant tracking, Live sessions, free market analysis, live intertaction and much more. In partnership with Cyber owners, Our Robotic centers are now available to you from your nearest cyber. Enjoy more opportunities at an affordable price from the Cyber near you. Utilize our Geolocation Facility WAK to track and request appointments or locate equipped Robotic Cyber around your area.
We are willing to also work with you to achieve your objectives through our limitless opportunities offered in our centers. What are you waiting for? Grab your chance while our offer lasts

A new way to add value to your cyber cafe

Our approach is simple because it involves converting the already existing Cyber Cafe’s to Robotic Centers where customers can enjoy High Value opportunities right from their neighbourhood or favorite cyber

Experience a whole New Approach to Entrepreneuship

Because this is New concept and one of its kind, you get to experience the benefits “First Hand”. With the preinstalled facilities included in the spaces, its now easier to understand, practice and explore new opportunities every day

Keep track of all your trades as a Forexpreneur

Our Forexpreneurs utilize forex opportunities to sustain their business or entrepreneurship goals either directly or indirectly. As a forexpreneur,  maximize the opportunities with ease.

Comfortablity is really something to fit your mood.

Old ways of learning and exposure are now being regarded as boring and takes the form of a routine. But with limitless daily opportunities and tools at your disposal, it feels better.

Best way to enjoy
and organize your business

Taking your business opportunity higher means that you need more and more fuel to sustain the demand that comes with that. Thats why our concept is designed to cater for all that

A world of opportunities
available wherever you are.

Making this the first true generator of great opportunities, we have simplified the tasks of analysis by allowing simple decision making to be more appealing and pretty easy

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Converting your Cyber into a Robotic Center!​

The process is simple and straight forward. After successful application and activation, you can get started immediately 


Make your Application

Follow a simple application process. Get it approved


Fill your Cyber with clients

Make sure you maximize on available slots in your cyber


Clients pay for Spaces available

Start earning directly from the spaces locked by clients


Recurring Revenue streams

Enjoy effortless streams recurring every month

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Best way to Maximize a Cyber Cafe

Technology is changing really fast and with time, the relevance of a Cyber Cafe might be rendered obsolete sooner than expected. In today’s world, people are able to access the internet right from their phones.  Its time to think of utilizing the available spaces for new opportunities especially in technology sector without doing major adjustments.

Great Guys like our Concept..

Celebrities are liking our concept because we are creating new opportunities in various stages of our operations. We are Honoured to have this opportunity to Awaken Africa

Buy our Robotic Seat and Enjoy Full Experience at Home!

  • Using Luxury feeling executive chair – very comfortable texture and superior quality with Massage function
  • Easy to install computer & monitor on;(Monitor not included)
  • Automatic open/close by press on one key switch. Electrical control reclining to 0 gravity posture 128 degree; Keyboard can be suitable for reclining position;
  • Hang Single monitor(up to 49″ uldtrwide) or Triple monitors(up to 32″)
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High-Quality LIVE stream.

Very suitable for Forexpreneurs who want to take their business to the next level with preinstalled softwares and robotics ready to go. The seat can be used at home, office, cybers etc and works well with forex traders. It comes equipped with everything needed to analyse the market and high frequency trading algorithms


Cyber Cafes

Already piloted in all the cybers actively


More Clients

By now we are penetrating your nearest town



More people are getting our products daily

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It is better to try yourself

Robotic Showcase

Seeing is believing and until you have a live experience, it won't look real..
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