While taking your journey, you meet many obstacles..

These challenges are not meant to break you at all, instead they are suppossed to make you stronger and more durable

From what I have learnt over the years, the biggest fight is to deal with the urge to give up.. Situations come and go but if you remain focused, you eventually enjoy victory. In short, its not all for nothing.

Track your Future. Start with your Heart.

Always offer a big heart. It takes nothing to offer your kindness. Just do the right thing expecting no rewards..

What Drives me Daily

Everyday, I always think of how The Lord rescues me from various predicaments. It's never easy to keep up with the trend without His Extraordinary Grace..

Stand out from the Crowd

You are unique like no other. Always be yourself and don't try to be someone else because you cannot be them. Have your own style

Success Path

If you are admiring to be successful, then equally be prepared to be tested, betrayed and persecuted. The greater the persecution the greater the success.. They did it to The Lord. Who are you not to face the same..

Be a Living Example

When you lead by example, it means that you are at the forefront and willing to face the consquences for your deeds

Your Capacity

Your brain is like a map and a backup. No one can steal your blueprint ideas. When many try to imitate your ideas, they fail to work because they don't understand the purpose..

Wisdom and Actions

Always listen a lot and react less. The more you do it, the more you acquire and this assists you make wise and timely decisions..

What I Offer

With years of experience, I believe that there is vast wealth of wisdom and knowledge to assist other people reach whole new levels.

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Prove Yourself

A video is worth 1.8 million words..

Know how it all Started..

A Journey Worth Taking the First Step

When thinking of success, the gain comes last. One should not be driven by the outcome but rather the long term solution. Today, we enjoy Online Forex Trading Freedom in Kenya. Not many even have a clue of how tough the fight has been to liberate the industry and at what cost..

Resist Discouragement

The best way of ignoring discouragement is just to laugh it off. When one slunders you, just ignore.. maybe they are mocking their own situation. Remain Posistive and PRO-ACTIVE always..

Fool Proof

Many people come with ideas which might or might not help you. You need to always Pray to God that He gives you wisdom to know and understand what they are up to. You never know the outcome..

You will never know it until you try it

From Experience, I can now strongly advise everyone to keep trying no matter the risk.

Business men buy and sell.. Enterpreneurs create value and convert it to success.. It's the big difference

No one is fully successful, its only a measure

When looking at success, you soon realize that its just a balance of few elements in life. Taking a closer look everyone is successful in one thing or the other.

Best Measurement

The best way to measure it is by checking if it suits your purpose in life here on earth. What were you born to be? Why were you born in the first place and who created you?

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