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Our Solution

We are pleased to inform you that we are ready to start the much anticipated recovery from previous losses due to interruptions by the Government back in 2014. We had an extremely difficult time in handling the delicate situation.

However, after a successful plea bargain with the Government, it was agreed upon that we go back to business and look for a way to recover from the losses made due to interruptions back in 2014. For this reason, we have found a lasting solution that will help recover together with our esteemed clients from 2014 till now. This is with the help of well wishers and Angel Investors who have accepted to help us recover.

We are not going to let people keep stepping on us in the name of business rivalry or vested interests in this industry or our existence. We have now decided to look forward and join hands with our our clients since we are all victims of the interruption. No one was spared in the process, and it has been evident through tidious and tiresome legal processes that have instead of creating some form of remedy, have inflicted more damage and hatred amongst people who once shared success if Online Forex Trading from the time of inception.

We are announcing that we shall resume payments to all eligible clients from September 2020 onwards. We will make our payments through the recommended criteria through our legal advisor's office. The payments are planned to take approximately 12 months but only to our verified clients. To aid the process, we require all the clients to have security in an active and regulated broker of our choice.


It's paramount to have the security account since we have noticed that some clients had received full or partial payments. Because its refundable, the process will not be put at risk by fraudulent claims.

Getting Started

If you have proof that you were our member back in 2014, then get in touch with our Legal Advisor so that your claim is satisfactorily recorded to allow signing of the necessary documents so that you become eligible for the recovery plan.

Contact Us on +254-705-888-333


  1. ID/ Passport
  2. Banking Slip
  3. Trading Agreement
  4. Affidavit (in case missing documents)
  5. Active Security Account