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County Special Package - Combating COVID-19 Pandemic

We are an Online Consultancy Portal with an aim to transform lives. We have over 20 years of experience in Online Forex Trading and 6 years in Training the same. We are responsible for the formulation of Online Forex Trading curriculum back in 2014 which was later adapted by the GOK.

We also initiated the formation and introduction of Online Forex Trading and its Regulations through National Treasury from 2014 which was later adapted by the GOK. We therefore believe that we have a solution towards the COVID-19 Pandemic by offering free training to all registered members for a period of one month.

Members will not pay for training fee after successful registration. However, they will be required to choose the County Special Package in order to enjoy our training materials for their course. The County Special Package contains all the essentials and basics of Online Forex Trading. We are waiving our normal fee for courses to accommodate the COVID-19 Situation. However, County Members have to subscribe for County Special Package in our system to enjoy this service.


  1. Registration Fee (20% Discounted)    -           KES 5,000 + 16%VAT
  2. Learning Starter Kit (50% Discount)   -           KES 25,000 + 16% VAT
  3. Training /Tuition Fee                            -           FREE

We have a reason to believe that the situation seems to get worse day by day and it is in this spirit of Awakening Africa that we are offering our skills, technology and mastering to Kenyans (local and diaspora) to learn together and finally be able to earn a living from this unique technology. “A stitch in Time saves Nine”

The robotic (algorithmic) training will not only make Online Forex easier but also assist in easy learning while at the comfort of your home. Income is depleting and if something is not done urgently, many residents might find themselves stuck at home with no income and hope might fade away slowly and thus paving way for desperation and panic.

Firms all over the world are taking measures by minimizing their human resource. Therefore, to avoid finding ourselves in such situations, we need to utilize the time left exploring NEW and FRESH ways of generating income from home using global resources like Online Forex trading. Online Trading is not capital intensive and therefore one can start with basic resources.

We plan to involve all the 47 counties in this project to achieve optimal results and to also balance the resources at the grassroot level. We are willing to offer Free Training for 1,000 Members per County in Online Forex Trading Robotic Education right from our Robotic Center. This will be coordinated and delivered through our Learning Portal and may be streamed live.

According to survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) in 2018, 7million Kenyans were unemployed with 1.4 million out of this figure desperately looking for jobs. ... KNBS survey 2018 indicated that, in 2016, there were about 25 million Kenyans in the working-age bracket of between 15 and 64 years.

Youth unemployment in Kenya should be declared a national disaster, a lawmaker told the country’s national assembly in August 2018. In a motion calling for a special fund to tackle the problem, MP Anthony Oluoch said “overall unemployment among youth is at 55%”. The proposed fund would be at least 5% of annual national revenue collections.

The legislator also said 70% of Kenya’s population was younger than 35. Let me share a few facts that typify the Kenyan youth. Youth make up 37% of the working-age population in Kenya, but 60% of the unemployed. Young people are more likely to work longer hours under insecure work arrangements, characterized by low productivity and meager earnings. Females face particularly strong challenges in entering the labor force, due to early motherhood and lack of education.