Basic Signal


Welcome to our Signals. We hope you’ll find good strategies in our product. The main motive of providing these signals to our users is to build a loyal customer base of signal followers. Our service providers, in turn, employ analyst experts, use software or can also use a robot program to extrapolate the correct signals.



Our Forex signals include entry and exit points on a currency pair which are sent out by Forex signal providers to the respective clients. This means that our human analyst or a piece of software is continuously monitoring and analyzing the Forex market, looking for tradable setups. The moment the analyst or the robot sees that the time is ripe to enter the market, a signal is distributed to our followers of the respective service provider. The basic idea is that an experienced trader or program does all the hard work for you. You just need to open the signal in your trading account and wait for the profits to pour in. Also, the whole process happens in real-time. So, you will receive either a message, an email, an RSS feed or a Twitter update. Anyhow, it is the job of the analyst or robot to send you the signal at the right time.


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