10 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Want You To Meet Their Family (Yet)

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Most times in relationships it cannot be easy to know if it will lead to forever except when you and your partner discuss and plan for a future together. 

It can be quite worrisome when you have been dating for a while and have not met anyone in your partner’s life especially his or her family. Meeting the family is seen as a sign of commitment (but these days, that does not matter anymore as there are people who have introduced their partners to everyone in their family including the family tree and still end up not been serious about the relationship). 

Not sure if your partner is keeping his/her family away? Here are 10 signs to be: 

  1. When you bring up meeting his/her family and it is swept under the rug with a branch of well-crafted excuses.
  2. When his/her family does not know that their child is in a serious relationship with someone somewhere.
  3. When you do not get invited to any family function by your partner but mutual friends get invites.
  4. He/she will rather share a piece of good news in the family with friends rather than with you.
  5. He or she shares every news with his or parents except the fact that you are in the picture.
  6. He/she does always avoids talking about family; they can go hours talking about the weather, food, how crazy they are about you but avoid the family talk like a virus.
  7. Your partner always exits the room when it is time to speak with his or her family.
  8. When you mistakenly stumble upon your partner’s family and you are introduced as a friend or a colleague.
  9. When your partner keeps promising to take you to meet with their family only to postpone it when the time comes and you end up been trapped in the middle of promises and postponements. 
  10. He never informs you of fixed family holidays or tradition so that you will not be involved

It is possible that your partner is worried that you will not be accepted or approved by the family or the disapproval might be on your part towards the family. 

It is also possible that your partner is not in the relationship for the long haul so if the aforementioned signs keep happening for a long time then it is time for you to pick up your bags and leave. 



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