Luxe Fairytale Themed Wedding Fort Lauderdale, FL

Imani and Ishmael were so sure of their relationship, they skipped the proposal and headed straight to Vegas.

Imani shares, “We actually didn’t have an official proposal. We have always just sort of ‘done things our own way’ lol. A year prior to our wedding date, Ish had a work trip planned in Vegas, and he brought me along. Then on 10/10/18, we eloped while in Vegas on his work trip.”

However, they still planned to have an official ceremony with family and friends. They worked with their planner, MunaLuchi Coterie member Lux Lifestyle Event, on the details of their luxurious blush and burgundy, fairy tale wedding. It was a nonstop party that included stunning, blinged-out decor, and a live performance of the bridal party to the Beyoncé song “ Before I Let Go.”

See all of the details from this gorgeous wedding below.

  • Couple: Imani & Ishmael Muhammad
  • Occupations: Ishmael- General Sales Manager for Nissan; Imani- Stay Home Wife/Army Vet/ Esthetician/Entrepreneur
  • Wedding date: 10/5/19
  • Wedding location: W Hotel; Fort Lauderdale, FL

Quick Facts

  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts:
    • We did customized gift boxes for each bridesmaid individually, which included a few personalized gifts that I knew each would love. We also made each bridesmaid a Toiletry/Skin Care Routine travel bag. Being that I’m an esthetician and my girls regularly ask me for advice on their skincare regimes, in their bags included an everyday face washing brush, facial cleanser, exfoliation, facial moisturizer, and toner. And my absolute favorite gifts to them were the robes that my mother got for them. The bridesmaids received light blush robes while the MOHs has hot pink robes. All were engraved with their titles (“Bridesmaid / Maid of Honor” ) using a silver sparkled blinged bedazzled bead. They were absolutely gorgeous.
    • Each groomsmen received a customized decanter with their name engraved. All my guys know that I enjoy a nice cognac after a long day of work, so that is something that I felt would represent me to them. They were all really excited to receive them and absolutely loved them.
  • Ceremony entrance song: Major- “This Is Why I Love You”
  • First dance song: Kenny Lattimore- “For You”

How did you meet?

We met through my father. Ish and my father had been co-workers and became good friends. They even coached a basketball team together many years ago. So Ish was a friend of the family for about 10 years prior to us ever really noticing each other. Then destiny happened✨

Tell us about the proposal

We actually didn’t have an official proposal. We have always just sort of “done things our own way” lol. A year prior to our wedding date, Ish had a work trip planned in Vegas and he brought me along. Then On 10/10/18 we eloped while in Vegas on his work trip.

Describe Your Wedding Style

To sum up our wedding style, LUXE! Bling. Glam. Luxury. Elegant. Evening Outdoor, terrace, beach background.

My dress was mermaid styled, white floral dress with extensive cheer train, and a sparkle/blinged open/toe heel. Ish wore a white tux with navy blue bow tie and hanky, blush cuff links with a navy blue Versace loafer.

The shopping experience for me came with ease and I really enjoyed it. I knew my body type and the style dress that l desired. I flew my mom from Atlanta for help. Rashawn Rose was referred to me by Melisa. They were patient. I attempted Sophia, Desiree, and Cinderella, but I ultimately fell in love with Trudy. “Yes to the dress.”

Ishmael’s shopping experience wasn’t as smooth lol. “It was tough finding the right tux. Initially, I was going with a blush suit but was having a hard time finding the perfect color blush. Therefore at the last minute, I switched to a white tux with the blush accent in the cuff links.”

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding?

As far as specific cultural wedding traditions we didn’t really include any. Overall, our goal was to just paint the picture of us and give everyone a better understanding of who Ishmael and Imani are as one and our relationship with each other. We wanted our guests to feel and understand the love that we share and why we are the “us” that we are. We chose our older brother as our officiant and he couldn’t have delivered our message more clearly and perfect “Love Unifies & Love Is Universal”.

What is your best memory from your wedding?

Ishmael- The best memory is difficult because there are soooo many magical moments. But I suppose one would be seeing the smile on Imanis’ face as she walked down the aisle and witnessing the love that she was getting from the family.

Imani- It feels impossible to pinpoint one in particular. The room reveal was epic! Melissa had to tell me to stop crying lol. It felt as if we walked into a real-life blush Cinderella-ish wonderland. Which was exactly what I desired but still it was beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations. The entire wedding felt magical. Every time I speak on it, think of it, see pics and flashbacks of it, it creates the same emotion and feeling all over as if it were the first time. You could feel the unity and love amongst EVERYONE at our wedding. The creation of that feeling is surreal, practically indescribable. We were able to share that with all of our loved ones -That’s my greatest memory.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?

Be on the same page. Know what is important to each other and make both dreams come alive! Don’t hold back on anything. This is YOUR MOMENT. Bend/break all the rules If that’s what’s needed to create the dream wedding that you desire. Remember that these memories will be everlasting so do it ALL! Oh and hire a wedding planner! Of course, our recommendation is Lux Lifestyle Events.




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