Ten 2019 Love Movies That Your Heart Will Love

Talk about finding love in a hopeless, After revolves around a love triangle between Tessa, Noah and Hardin. A lot of back and forth because the journey to love can be rocky some times.

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Many are currently at the stage where all their friends and everyone they know is getting married that is the case of really close friends Ben and Alice which made them decide on becoming each other plus one in the numerous weddings they attend. What began as a friendly obligation blossomed into something more.

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  • Five Feet Apart

This movie is focused on Stella and Will both who are cystic fibrosis patients. They both had to live a routine life which Stella followed to the letter, unlike Will who had a “live life the way you want” approach. Through the ups and downs, they finally had a connection which continued to grow into deep affection but they have to be 5ft apart at all times. The movie also highlights not knowing what you have until you lose it. It is a relatable movie that will bring a bucketful or cupful or maybe a sprinkle of tears depending on how strong your heart is.

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  • Always be my Maybe

Two childhood friends, Sasha and Marcus had a teenage fling that ended very badly and did not see each other until 16 years after when Sasha returned to San Francisco to open a new restaurant. Sasha looked pretty successful and accomplished while Marcus looked like he has not moved an inch in life. Amidst all that, they worked through their love, insecurities and fear. You will have a laugh watching this movie but you will also see the message that lies within.

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  • Gloria Bell

This is about Gloria Bell, a divorcee in California going through the phases of life after a divorce. She lets loose at clubs, gave room for a relationship and many more but most important of all is that she loved herself.

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  • Isn’t it Romantic

This satirical fantasy movie revolves around a young woman whose idea of love was destroyed at a young age by her mother making her grow into a cynical unbelieving lady with esteem issues. After been mugged at the subway, she wakes up to find herself stuck in the one thing she hates, a romantic comedy. After the whole drama, she returns to reality with new self-esteem and believes in love.

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  • The Aftermath

It is set in post-war Germany and it dwells on the bond that shared grief can bring to life, and also the funny direction that love can take. Rachael works through the dilemma of staying with her husband Lewis or Stefan.

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  • Photograph

The movie revolves around a photographer, Rafi and Miloni who happened to be a stranger. What started as a fake relationship to please Rafi’s grandmother became an unbreakable bond.

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This rom-com follows the life of Fred, a New York journalist and Charlotte, a U.S. Secretary of State. Fred and Charlotte knew each other back when they were teenagers as she was his babysitter and in return, he secretly crushed on her deeply. They reconnect at a fundraiser and recognized each other; will they turn Fred’s teenage crush to a real relationship? You have to watch to find out.

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  • The Sun is Also a Star

This highlights the romantic relationship between a physics student, Natasha and a would-be medical student, Daniel. They struggled with keeping the fire of their relationship blazing amidst the surrounding obstacles.

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