Top 5 Unique Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

Engagement rings are a symbol of your undying devotion, commitment, and love, but they should also reflect your personality and style.

Recently we’ve seen couples step out of the box by selecting unique engagement ring designs that reflect their diverse aesthetics. Today, we’ve partnered with Taylor & Hart to share the top engagement ring trends we’ve seen this year. From fancy colored gemstones to mixed-metal bands, unique diamond shapes, unusual setting styles, and lab-grown diamonds, you are sure to find a ring that reflects your unique love.

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Fancy-Colored Gemstones

Some might say that fancy colored gemstones are a great alternative to diamonds, but precious gemstones stand out in their own right with their individual spectral colors and symbolism. Sapphires with their dazzling spectrum of colors are the top choice for brides who wish to combine a bold splash of color with tradition, while the unmistakable green of an emerald looks stunning in a vintage-inspired ring design. There are a few ways you can incorporate colored gemstones – from the center stone to your choice of pavé or signature stone, there’s a whole host of customizations.

Mixed Metals

Millennials have set the trend for rose gold engagement rings over the past few years, but we’re observing a growing interest in yellow gold. Even grooms have shown a preference for yellow gold in the past year or so. This demonstrates that modern couples are avoiding the status quo of one singular metal color and dare for more surprising elements in their ring designs. Mixed-metal engagement rings reflect the consumers’ desire to be unique in each and every element of the design process.

Unusual Cuts

Non-round diamond shapes have gained huge popularity. Elongated cuts like oval, emerald and marquise shapes produce less waste in the cutting process. This means they’re often more affordable. And that’s not the only advantage–elongated cuts also make the finger appear slimmer and longer. Our most popular non-round shape is the oval shape, but it’s entirely up to you to decide which shape suits you best and your jeweller should guide you through the pros and cons of each.

Unique Settings

There’s been a second wave of unusual setting styles like the moi-et-toi design and the east-west setting–frequently seen in ring designs from the first half of the 20th century. Organic-inspired designs usually offer a big range of setting options like clusters or fine and elaborate detailing.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

More and more of our customers are now opting for lab-grown diamonds as an optically identical alternative to earth-mined diamonds. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We believe the best way to approach this topic is through research and acquiring sufficient knowledge on both options.

While lab-grown diamonds avoid the ecological impact of large scale mining, they do still require an immense amount of energy. In order to be truly sustainable, laboratories growing diamonds must offset their carbon footprint by using other methods like renewable energy. It’s safe to assume that the spike in search for synthetic diamonds is due to the perception that they’re a more sustainable choice and the fact that they’re more affordable–often 30-40% cheaper than their earth-grown counterparts. This will take your budget further and presents an opportunity for customers to get a bigger diamond at a lower price point.

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