WE ARE EXPECTING!!! 10 Creative Ways To Break The News To Your Partner

  • Customized shirt:

If your partner is a shirt lover, you can customise a “You are a dad” or “You are going to be a dad” t-shirt and hang it in his wardrobe or lay it out on the bed for him to wear.

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Finding out you are pregnant is such an amazing feeling be it a surprise or something you and your partner planned or have wanted for a long time.

Overtime out of so much excitement women just get home and blurt the good news to their partners or even call from the hospital to do so. It is not a bad idea to want to immediately share the news with your partner but with the changing times, ways have been developed in which you can break the news to your partner and still have fun while doing it but it is important to know what your partner likes and get creative with it.

Here are 10 creative and playful baby announcements:

  • Gift it up:

You can wrap the good news as a gift and have it delivered to your husband or deliver it yourself and watch him while he unwraps a life-changing gift.

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This is for partners who love challenging their minds and solving problems. You can get a customised puzzle for them either as a gift or have it lying around somewhere visible to them. Your partner will not know what hits him until he is done arranging the puzzle and seeing the message it carries. In this way, you have him happy doing what he loves and getting a gift he would cherish for the rest of his life.

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  • Bodypaint:

You can have a body art spelling out the good news like “Bun in the oven” or “Baby loading 99%”.

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This is for the poetic partners; you can write out a poem to the best of your capacity, it does not have to be professional that is where the fun is.

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If your partner is a lover of adventure and mystery, you can have clues placed in different strategic parts of the house or out of the house for him to find leading him to you or the pregnancy result.

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  • Hide the pregnancy result in his jacket:

This is perfect for partners who do not care for games or even really notice their environment but they always reach out to their jacket pocket or briefcase as they keep important things there. Imagine the puzzle on their face when they pull out what they did not place there only to see the good news.

If your husband is an email person and the really busy kind, you can send him a witty and funny email with the ultrasound as an attachment because he will not fail to open it. Imagine what he will feel when he realises the mail is from his wife and not another demanding client.

  • Movie Night:

You can have a supposed movie night with your partner who will think he is about to watch an actual movie but it is a pre-recorded video of you announcing that you are pregnant.

If you and your partner are game addicts, you can announce the news by spelling it out on scrabble or blurting it out in truth and dare either way your partner will not see it coming. 

There are a million other ways to do it if any of the aforementioned does not work for you. Also, make sure to capture such moments for you to always go back to in the future. 



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